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Empyrean - the new & exclusive club that has rediscovered the exceptional quality, glamour and sheer pleasure of private air travel

Welcome to Empyrean, the new and exclusive jet card division of Air Charter Service and the home of the Lindbergh Card - the first truly global jet card.

Designed with you in Mind

“I truly believe that this jet card offers greater value and more flexibility than any similar product on the market.”
Erik Lindbergh, pioneering aviator & owner of the first Lindbergh card.

Empyrean is the new jet card division of Air Charter Service, which will be offering frequent clients an effortless way to charter aircraft.

The first card offered by Empyrean is the Lindbergh card

The Lindbergh pre-paid jet card allows holders to charter a helicopter or private jet anywhere in the world with simply an email. There is no need to sign a contract for each flight, simply choose the aircraft you want and the Empyrean team will arrange everything.

Your personal account manager will exceed every expectation in regards to customer service, help you to achieve every goal and meet every one your of schedule demands. Our passion and attention to detail means we will meet your needs perfectly through providing you with the finest, most convenient and the most Watch Lindberg Card videoexclusive service.

Why Charter With ACS?

  • Air Charter Experts available 24/7/365
  • Offices in 12 Capital Cities
  • Over 7500 charter flights per annum
  • Established 1990
  • Over 260 staff
  • Access to more charter airplanes than other company

We are so confident that all customers will be satisfied that we offer a full refund at any time, hold all funds in a trust account (or equivalent depending on region), and place no time limit on using funds in your account. If you don’t fly, you are not penalised.

There really is no easier, safer and more luxurious way to travel than your very own private jet, and the Lindbergh card gives you access to more private jets than any similar product worldwide.

Experience Empyrean, exclusively with the Lindbergh Card

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