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Falcon 900C

The manufacturer Dassault consistently displays a commitment to improving and fine-tuning their jets, and in this spirit, the Falcon 900C was released as a refined version of their popular Falcon 900 series, taking all of the technological advancements incorporated in the Falcon 900B and the Falcon 900EX and bringing them together in one jet.

The advantages of the 900B that were retained in the 900C include the three AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR-1C turbofan engine,s which each deliver 4,750 lbs of thrust, representing 5.5% extra thrust during take-off, 6.5% extra thrust while cruising, and a 2% improvement in thrust related fuel consumption in comparison to the original Falcon 900.

These give the 900C a maximum flight range of 4,583 nautical miles, and also mean that like the 900B, it can reach a high speed cruise rate of 474 knots, and ascend to a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet, a flight ceiling that not many other jets can match. The 900C also shares the airfoil wing design of the 900B, as well as its increased approach visibility and ability to handle unprepared runways.   

Falcon 900C Aircraft Information
In brief: With a secondhand value of over $30m these light jets are popular. Faster than some light jets they suffer slightly by having a reduced range.
Passenger Capacity: 19
Speed (mph): 950 km/h
Range: 7400 km
Cabin Width: 4.90 ft
Cabin Height: 4.90 ft
Cabin Length: 15.60 ft
Lavatory Style: Full
Luggage: 67 cu. ft
Catering Services - Yes
Falcon 900B

* A standard suitcase is 5 cu.ft

Like the others in its series, the Dassault Falcon 900C features a more than generous cabin which is ideal for intercontinental air travel. Its standard configuration is divided into three distinct areas and can accommodate up to 12 passengers, but other configurations are possible, such as the tight configuration that enable eighteen passengers to be carried. The stand-up cabin includes a fully stocked galley and spacious enclosed lavatory. The Dassault Falcon 900C offers 127 cubic feet of pressurized baggage capacity that can be accessed in flight.

Raytheon acquired Beech in 1981, and the King Air 100 series stopped being produced in 1984.In 1994 Raytheon merged the Beech name with that of Corporate Jets, who manufactured the Hawker 800 and 1000 models, resulting in the current corporation, known as Raytheon Aircraft.

The aircrews piloting Falcon 900C have flying experience far exceeding any FAA requirements. All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. ACS have access to the entire range of Light jets including the Westwind 1 and the Westwind 2 available for private charter.

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