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The intercontinental Gulfstream G550 is a truly long range jet, and is a significantly updated version¬† of the popular Gulfstream V.  The Gulfstream 550 can fly further, and faster, and offer more space than its predecessor. In air travel, cabin space is at a premium, and knowing this Gulfstream made major modifications to the Gulfstream 550 in order to maximise its available space.

Not only did they actually make the jet longer, increasing it to 42.6 feet in length, they also tinkered with the design, so that now the main door has moved a couple feet forward, while a new and more compact avionics system was installed, which together free up 58 cubic feet of available cabin space. The galley at the front has been remodelled to save six feet in length, while the galley toward the aft saves five. 

All this extra space has also meant that two extra windows could be installed, further increasing the sense of space and light. The cabin is capable of accommodating up to 19 passengers, but is typically arranged to carry eight to ten. Facilities include a dining or conference room, a private lavatory and shower, work stations, and crew areas.           

G550 Aircraft Information
In brief: With a secondhand value of over $30m these light jets are popular. Faster than some light jets they suffer slightly by having a reduced range.
Passenger Capacity: 19
Speed (mph): 904 km/h
Range: 10,700 km
Cabin Width: 4.90 ft
Cabin Height: 4.90 ft
Cabin Length: 15.60 ft
Lavatory Style: Full
Luggage: 67 cu. ft
Catering Services - Yes
Gulfstream G550

* A standard suitcase is 5 cu.ft

The Gulfstream 550 is powered by a pair of BMW/Rolls Royce BF 700-710-C4-11 turbofan engines, and each deliver 15,385 lbs of thrust during take-off. These are tremendously powerful engines, and enable the Gulfstream 550 to cruise at a maximum speed of 460 knots over a maximum range of 6,750 nautical miles without needing to stop for fuel.

Raytheon acquired Beech in 1981, and the King Air 100 series stopped being produced in 1984.In 1994 Raytheon merged the Beech name with that of Corporate Jets, who manufactured the Hawker 800 and 1000 models, resulting in the current corporation, known as Raytheon Aircraft.

The aircrews piloting Gulfstream 550 have flying experience far exceeding any FAA requirements. All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. ACS have access to the entire range of Light jets including the Westwind 1 and the Westwind 2 available for private charter.

To charter a Gulfstream 550 please call New York +1 516 432 5901 or Los Angeles: +1 310 205 8959 or Florida:+1 561 338 2430


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