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G100, Premier I Hawker 700 and 800 are all examples of Mid Size Jets.  These aircraft are suitable for small groups of up to eight passengers who want to travel long distances at speed and do not want the inconvenience of a fuel stop.  They are often more luxurious and contain a host of features not found on other lighter jets.

Falcon 20D Midsize Jet, the Learjet 60 and the Citation VII are all capable of accessing smaller runways where the larger commercial airliners cannot accommodate.  Journeys like New York to Miami are possible from a far greater number of destination and arrival points shortening your overall travel times. If passenger comfort is a major issue then these jets all have an enclosed lavatory and have none of the flying by the seat of your pants feeling of the lighter jets.

Luggage capacity, always the bane of private flyers, is less restrictive than on smaller aircraft. However the older Hawker jets only have internal storage. This has been improved in the Hawker 1000 which is now one of the largest mid size aircraft and has an increase range (and more luggage space) and can accommodate an extra ninth passenger, a popular choice when budgeting.

Also consider the Learjet 40X and the Learjet 60 and of course the ever popular Excel.

Example Mid size jet aircraft include:


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