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Visit China by private jet



Private jet charter to China

China is one of those countries that you need to travel the length and breadth of to really get to the heart of it. History and tradition are of utmost importance, with temples and palaces found scattered across this vast country. As the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, you’d expect them to be home to plenty of history, but what makes China different is that it also has cutting-edge mega-cities and is a powerhouse when it comes to gizmos and gadgets. Charter a private jet to China and be prepared for one of the most contrasting countries in the world.

Shanghai and Beijing are probably China’s most well-known cities and offer visitors a chance to experience modern day China at its most brilliant. Both offer a wealth of shopping, drinking and dining options, with everything from Michelin starred restaurants to sizzling street food. Stopping off at one of the Peking duck restaurants is also a must, as is a visit to one of the many tea shops. In Beijing you’ll find six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the stunning Forbidden City, and behind the city to the north, you’ll find the iconic Great Wall. Hong Kong is also a part of the People’s Republic of China and is a must for shoppers and those looking for great food and plenty of nightlife.

However, China offers far more than just cities, with some outstanding landscapes and beaches also to be found. Sanya, on the southern end of Hainan Island is the number one beach destination in China. This buzzing resort draws tourists and locals alike with its beautiful golden sand and sweeping beaches. Inland you’ll find Guilin, set on the banks of the River Li. Take a cruise along the river for an awe-inspiring journey through a landscape of magnificent limestone karsts. No journey to China would be complete without visiting the panda sanctuaries of Chengdu, here you can learn all about the conservation efforts surrounding the giant pandas and watch them at play.

China is so vast that chartering ensures you spend every moment of your precious time experiencing it and not sitting at an airport. Why not book a private jet to China with Air Charter Service and get to the heart of this beautiful country.

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