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Empty Legs
Fly In A Private Jet At A Fraction Of The Normal Price

Take advantage of an empty leg flight and save up to 75% on the cost of a normal charter. An empty leg is the part of an overall journey where the aircraft has to fly to a destination to collect a passenger and is empty on this outward leg of the aircraft’s journey. Flying via 'empty legs' is the best way to continue the private jet experience while managing your budget. When times are difficult and the economy is performing badly, it could be wise to check the various options on hand.

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Empty legs

What exactly is an empty leg? An empty leg occurs when one-way flights are booked. Naturally, the aircraft needs to go back to its point of origin and since it was only booked for a one-way flight, there are no passengers on the way back. You could be those missing passengers!

ACS offer these empty leg flights, with much lower cost to our clients. It is a sure way to lessen traveling expenses. The only disadvantage is that the availability of these kinds of flights are mostly last minute.

ACS Empty Legs

Please see the ‘empty leg’ journeys currently available: this list is by no means exhaustive; if you cannot find a suitable journey on this page then fill in our quick and easy form and our “empty leg” specialist will contact you with suitable options.

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Empty Legs






Empty Legs – the secret to reduced rate charter travel.

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