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Need to Charter an airliner? Want your group to arrive together on time

For large groups of a 100+ it is often necessary to charter an airliner. Suitable aircraft include an Airbus 318, or the more well-known Boeing 747. Aircraft can be branded in corporate colours and catering can be arranged. Transported to and from the airport can also be arranged.Flying internationally? Charter a jet airliner with ACS

Jet airliners are capable of carrying large groups of passengers and are specifically suited to medium to long-range flights, for example New York to Moscow.

Smaller airliners, like the BAE 146 with its larger cabin space are often designated "regional" airliners and are best suited for mid-range domestic flights around the US.

Flying internationally? Charter a jet airliner with ACS

Larger jet airliners, such as the 727, 737 and 747 can accommodate hundreds of passengers and are suitable for international travel. ACS flies anumber of sports teams and entire orchestras. Jet airliners are typically powered by four jet engines and have pressurized passenger cabins for increased comfort, safety and performance. Boeing 737

Jet airliners can be configured to either cater for a smaller number of business executives or to maximize passenger capacity.

Executive configurations can feature a gym or additional private meeting rooms and other luxurious appointments, while economy-configured aircraft utilize a layout similar to a commercial airliner.

If you need to arrange air transport for large groups of 100+ then let ACS help and advise you on the right airliner for your journey

Why Charter an Airliner?

  • Groups travel and arrive together
  • Minimize travel planning
  • Maximize economies of scale
  • Create an entire mobile office for large groups of businessmen


Smaller groups of less than 70? ACS recommend the Bombardier CL 65

  • One of the faster jets suitable for group charters of up to 70 passengers is the Bombardier CL-65. ACS frequently adopts this jet to replace typical airliners when group size is suitable.
  • The CL-65 can offer a more economical solution for groups wanting to travel internationally. See flying regionally.
  • In order to make your aircraft choice more assessable ACS have put together a private aircraft guide of all of the more well-known aircraft that maybe suitable for your journey.

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