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ACS in action

ACS IN ACTION: A Chartered Conference

A travel agent approached us needing a full charter solution for passengers flying to delegate conferences across Europe. The majority of passengers had flown from Australia to the UK for this event and the conferences where held in London, Växjö, Cologne and Lyon over a 6-day period. Due to the large number of passengers and multiple locations, it became apparent early on that it would not be possible for everyone to arrive on time on scheduled services, therefore private charter was the perfect solution.


Working closely with colleagues in local offices, an ACS account manager based in London started looking for aircraft available to make these flights within the stipulated timelines. As all the passengers were individual, not group bookings from companies or similar, we had to ensure everyone’s travel lined up and was in the required type of aircraft. In the end we booked 40 flights, using seven different types of aircraft, using seven different airlines on both commercial and private jets. We were able to meet every flight, even with an AOG requiring a new aircraft to be found within four hours, and with a flight diversion occurring from Stansted to Birmingham, for which we arranged travel for all passengers to get home.


We arranged for nine onboard representatives as well as nine on the ground at the airports to oversee ground handling.

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