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What are the world’s most popular private jets?

We look at some of the most popular private jets in the world and explore what it is that makes them some of the best private jets to traverse the skies.

Beechcraft King Air 200

A Beechcraft King Air 200 on the tarmac
A Beechcraft King Air 200 on the tarmac

The Beechcraft King Air 200 is the most successful turbine-powered business plane in history. This twin-engined turboprop plane features the same fuselages as the Beechcraft King Air 100 but boasts a host of modifications, including the redesigned rear fuselage which accommodates the aircraft's new T-tail. In addition to having one of the largest cabins of all turboprop aircraft, the Beechcraft King Air 200 has a maximum range of 1,580 nautical miles, making flights for a maximum of eight passengers extremely quick. Not only can this aircraft shave hours off your journey time, but you can enjoy its quiet state-of-the-art cabin on all your business or leisure private jet charters.

Hawker Beechcraft 700

A Hawker Beechcraft 700 in mid flight
A Hawker Beechcraft 700 in mid flight

Sleek and sophisticated, the midsize British Aerospace Hawker 700 is one of the world’s most popular private jets for several reasons. Introduced in 1977, the passenger-centered design boasts a stand up cabin, resulting in more leg and head room; features that are often compromised in lighter private jets. Fans of the Hawker Beechcraft 700 tout its spacious interior as one of the main reasons they charter this model – it’s substantially bigger than its biggest rivals, the Learjet 55 and Citation III.

One of the best-selling private jets of all time, the Hawker Beechcraft 700 can fly a maximum distance of around 2,000 nautical miles thanks to its Honeywell TFE731-3RH turbofan engines thrusting the full eight-passenger cabin (plus two pilots). Minimalist, full-size seats provide a comfortable sleeping arrangement that is often impossible on a light aircraft. Seating aside, the Hawker Beechcraft 700 boasts a full-sized toilet, large basin and 40-cubic-foot baggage capacity. With a maximum range of four hours and superior avionics, this is one of the best private jets in the world.

Cessna Citation XLS Plus

A Cessna Citation XLS Plus flies over a mountain range at dusk
A Cessna Citation XLS Plus flies over a mountain range at dusk

Combining exceptional performance, fuel efficiency and passenger comfort, the midsize Cessna Citation XLS Plus remains one of the world’s most popular private jets. The six-seater is renowned for its spacious interior, boasting the largest cabin in its class and equipped with features usually reserved for larger commercial jets.

Outfitted with sumptuous leather and hardwood finishes, there’s natural light aplenty thanks to 11 large windows. The roomy interior features six extra-wide reclining seats, complete with consoles that allow passengers to control the light and temperature. Additional facilities include convenient workstations that can be stowed away when not in use, a side-facing couch, a full-sized refreshment station and a spacious lavatory. In addition, the aircraft features ample storage space, with several interior cupboards and the largest external luggage compartment in its class. The preferred midsize private jet of both business and leisure travellers, the Cessna XLS Plus can travel 2,100 nautical miles, reaching a top speed of 441 TAS (True Air Speed).

Bombardier Challenger 600

A Bombardier Challenger 600 in mid flight
A Bombardier Challenger 600 in mid flight

When it comes to long-haul flights, the Bombardier Challenger 600 is a perennial favourite. With its 2,800-mile range, the 11-seater can comfortably fly transcontinental routes like Paris to Tokyo or London to New York. Renowned for its performance and reliability, the Challenger 600 is powered by two Avco Lycoming ALF502L engines, making it one of the most popular private jets in the skies today.

Adding to its stellar engineering and avionics is an impressive interior. Infused with natural light, this spacious aircraft feels more like an airliner than a private jet, as the large cabin can accommodate up to three separate living areas. Business passengers can make the most of their time on board thanks to a reliable Ka-band high-speed internet connection, making the Bombardier Challenger 600 one of the best private jets for busy executives.

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