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Air Charter Service was founded in a London basement in 1990 by Chris Leach. Over a quarter of a century, the company has grown to become one of the world’s few truly global providers of private jet, commercial airliner and cargo aircraft charters.

Each year ACS completes nearly 7,500 charters, flies more than 12,500 passengers and generates $420 million in revenue. Despite these impressive numbers, the company still relies upon its core value of providing only the best personal service to every client.

With 18 offices across five continents, including US locations in New York, Houston and Los Angeles, ACS delivers a local, personal service knowledge on a global scale. No matter if you require a helicopter, turboprop, private jet, airliner or cargo aircraft, Air Charter Service will find you the perfect charter solution.

Worldwide Air Charter

ACS has fully-staffed regional offices across the world. These locations include: New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, Frankfurt, Russia, South Africa, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong Beijing and Tokyo.  

ACS clients include major American corporations, Middle Eastern Royalty, the British government, sports teams and other national and multi-national organizations.


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