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The World’s First Truly Global Jet Card, The Lindbergh Card, Inaugurates a New Era in Private Aviation

Air Charter Service Partners with Erik Lindbergh to Extend Legendary Aviation Legacy with the world’s first Jet card allowing members access to the largest range of private aircraft worldwide

Air Charter Service announced today that Empyrean, their new jet card division, is launching the world’s first truly global jet card, the Lindbergh Card. Erik Lindbergh, grandson of pioneering American aviator Charles Lindbergh, is continuing his grandfather’s legacy by lending his name to the jet card that will revolutionize the private aviation industry. Empyrean - By Air Charter Service

The Lindbergh card is a prepaid card, which allows customers to book any type of private aircraft, whether it is a private jet or helicopter anywhere in the world by simply sending an email.

“The Lindbergh Card offers planet-wide access to any type of aircraft from a helicopter or a very light jet, to a large luxury private jet or even an airliner for larger groups. It’s better than owning your own private jet!” said Chris Leach, chairman and founder of Air Charter Service. “Our aim was to create a product that offered total travel freedom, and in the Lindbergh card we have done so”

The Lindbergh Way – Fly How You Want, When You Want, Where You Want

The Lindbergh Card is the most flexible, easy-to-use private jet card on the market. Holders of the Lindbergh Card will enjoy total freedom from the restrictions associated with not only current jet cards, which typically limit travel to specified regions or aircraft types and categories, but also aircraft ownership.

Whether a corporate executive traveling to the far-reaches of China or a glam globetrotter summering in The Hamptons, a personal Lindbergh Card Account Manager offers the resources and expertise to put your perfect flight together at a moment’s notice. Air Charter Service offers Lindbergh Card holders access to more than 150 different aircraft types, suitable to journeys of varying lengths and routes.

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  • Air Charter Experts available 24/7/365
  • Offices in 13 Capital Cities
  • 6500 private charter flights arranged per annum
  • Established 1990
  • Over 260 staff
  • Access to more charter airplanes than other company
  • An establish name in the Air Charter Industry
  • Private Jet to Charter airliner

The Lindbergh Card Financial Advantage – Fly More, Earn More with No Hidden Fees

Requiring a minimum deposit of only $100,000, cardholder’s funds are held in an individual trust account. The product is tailored to each customer’s requirements, so the initial deposit will reflect how much, or how little, the customer wishes to fly. Along with being held in a trust account, funds can be refunded at any time allowing customers complete peace of mind.

The Lindbergh Card is a fully inclusive jet card with no peak-day restrictions, no expiration date, no monthly management fees or additional fuel surcharges. This all-inclusive program alleviates cardholders of common hidden costs that can reach thousands of dollars at the end of a trip when using other services.

Utilizing Air Charter Service’s global network of offices & thousands of safety vetted aircraft operators worldwide, depending on their flying habits, Lindbergh card holders can often enjoy savings of between 10%-40% per year, when compared with existing jet card products without compromising on quality.

For further information on the Lindbergh Card or to open a secure Lindbergh Card trust account, visit

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