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Friends & Family Air Charterfriends and family air charter

ACS understands that time with friends and family is precious. Hiring a private jet ensures your trip begins the minute you leave home. You might be on a family vacation, visiting relatives or even on your honeymoon.

What you can be certain of is, wherever you choose to spend your time, ACS can help you maximize the thrill of flying in a private jet. (See Rates)

ACS offers a comprehensive jet charter service. We provide private jets for individuals and families and guarantee a discreet, flexible and efficient luxury service.

Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure you receive a personalized service every time you travel with ACS and will take care of every detail of your journey including times, departures, children and pets etc. All you have to do is choose your destination and fly in the private jet of your choice. Example jets

"A jet chartered through ACS means style, comfort and safety for you, your friends and family. ACS takes responsibility for all the arrangements, so you can make the most of your quality time together."

ACS knows that where family and friends are concerned air safety and efficiency levels are paramount. (See Service Levels) ACS is experts at finding the right aircraft charter to accommodate your family's air charter needs.


Children and Air Charter Service Inc.Children and Air Charter

  • Can I take children?
    • Yes, although if with just the father, then you need a notarized permission form.
  • Are babies ok?
    • With doctor approval, yes.
  • Can children fly alone?
    • With adult consent and notarized approval.
  • Will ACS advise and supply all of the necessary forms and information
    • Yes, that is what ACS are here for, 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

Traveling with pets on a private jet

Want to take a pet on board?  Below are a few Q&As for pet owners:Traveling with Pets on a jet

  • Can I take a pet and do they fly in the cabin?
    • Yes, subject to owner approval. Pets do fly in cabin.
  • Does it matter if they leave the US?
    • Yes, all pets need proper documentation and medical papers.
  • Does the pet need a seat or a cage?
    • Depending on the size or the likelihood of turbulence.
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