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ACS Group Charter ACS specializes in arranging charters of private aircraft for large groups. A private charter is a time-saving and cost effective solution for business travel, company incentive trips, movie productions, sports events, product launches and more. Category: Air Travel 5 stars, based on 2 reviews

Group travel: aircraft charters for large groups

Air Charter Service specializes in arranging aircraft charters for large groups of people. ACS’s group charter team will create solutions for groups of 20 or more, sourcing aircraft that suit your exact requirements. The team works with a diverse selection of clients, including sports teams, entertainment groups, oil and gas companies, travel agents, governments, MICE industry professionals and private individuals.The Group Charter team understands the complexities of moving large groups of people

The Group Charter team understands the complexities of moving large groups of people and have vast experience in organizing air travel for groups as small as 20 to thousands of passengers.

They can ensure that not only do they arrive where they need to, when they need to, but that the experience of the flight is exactly how the you want and need it to be.

Have a very large group, (200 - 400) and need to rent an entire airliner? We understand the difficulties in moving large groups of people and their luggage. ACS can organize larger aircraft and work towards your exact schedule, not that of a conventional airline. Click here for more information on Wide-Body Airliners.

The benefits of private air charter over scheduled services include.flying direct as a group

  • Aircraft can be sourced for groups of any size.
  • Company branding of the aircraft interior can be arranged (for example headrest covers branded with your company logo).
  • Dedicated check-in areas for your group.
  • Catering can be selected pre-flight.
  • Save time and fly direct to the airport of your choice without connections.

Our private air charter experts make the process easy for you:

Air Charter Service make the process of chartering a flight as easy as possible. Our Account Managers are available 24/7 and are dedicated to finding the ideal air charter solution for your group. Print Group Charter Page?

See also Worldwide Air Charter for more information on chartering an airliner and 767 AIrliners available for larger groups or the Boeing 727.


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