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Corporate jet aircraft for Business People

The type of businessman who uses ACS for their air charter often needs to travel in a hurry and often needs to visit multiple places in a number of days. They also need to work while flying. Businessmen and women can benefit by arriving at their destination on time, rested and prepared. ACS helps clients to maximize their travel time.

We can arrange a desk to work at, undisturbed sleeping arrangements and many more private jet options to facilitate a successful business trip.Executive Jets

Read how ACS plays its part to help secure multi-million dollar contract or how ACS rescued one New York businessman.

Essential Communications for Business
Private jets are often equipped with SatCom, email, printer and fax facilities for business people who need to stay in touch while they travel.

Our existing client base includes:

  • Senior business executives.
  • Heads of State.
  • Government delegations including UK prime ministers

What is our mission statement on security and air safety?

Air Charter Service Inc. has a paramount commitment to our clients' security and air safety. ACS requires that all the carriers we charter through adhere strictly to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and Part 135. ACS has an exemplary safety record and is proud of the commitment that our partners have to safety and security of all flights.


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Why Charter With ACS?

  • ACS specializes in private and executive jet charter. Our private jets are personally selected for your corporate or personal needs.







Private Air Charter, for Business People




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