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ACS Private Charter ACS is known for being a premier supplier of private jets, always paying attention to every last detail. Category: Air Travel 4.9 stars, based on 7 reviews

An aircraft, schedule and price to suit you…

Three of ACS’s global offices are based here in the US – New York, Los Angeles and Houston – and are staffed by fully trained, experienced aircraft charter experts. No matter the size of your travelling group, schedule or individual requirements, ACS’s teams will create an air charter that suits you. The company’s success is based on providing its clients with an unparalleled level of service.

....every hour of every day, an aircraft chartered by ACS takes off somewhere in the world

Air Charter Service is a world leading provider of private aircraft charters, arranging nearly 7,500 full charters and safely flying more than 230,000 passengers each year. Whether for business or pleasure, your personal account manager is available to you 24/7 and, when appropriate, will coordinate with their colleagues from ACS’s 18 global offices to create you the perfect aircraft charter solution.

…the best aircraft, at the best location, at the best price

With ACS offices in New York and Los Angeles, as well as over the world, whatever the size of the party or destination, ACS can supply the correct aircraft, at the closest location, at the best price. From turboprops to medium-range jets, with the buying power and financial security of a major corporate organisation, you can rest assured that you will be provide with only the most cost-efficient price. Every hour of every day a Charter Aircraft arranged by ACS takes off somewhere in the world

A helicopter to the Hamptons, a light-jet to Dallas, or VIP airliner to Asia?

No matter your group size, preference of aircraft or choice of destination, Air Charter Service can tailor a charter flight to perfectly suit your requirements. From helicopters and business jets to VIP airliners, ACS wil l find the best aircraft for you, getting you to your destination on-time, in comfort and style.

Whether business or pleasure, ACS listens to your want and need. Wifi and space for meetings to take place mid-air can be arranged for business travellers or specific dinning requests can all be provided for private travellers. Decades of providing for every conceivable scenario has made ACS experts in providing the perfect aircraft charter.

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Why Charter With ACS?

  • Air Charter Experts available 24/7/365
  • Offices in 12 Capital Cities
  • Over 7500 charter flights per annum
  • Established 1990
  • Over 260 staff
  • Access to more charter airplanes than other company
  • An establish name in the Air Charter Industry
  • Turbo Props to Charter airliner

You will notice the difference in ACS’s service

Air Charter Service do not own or operate any aircraft, so we are not restricted by the restrictions of a limited fleet of aircraft. We distinguish ourselves by not only offering highly competitive prices, but never failing to provide unmatchable levels of service. ACS is known for being a premier supplier of private jets, always paying attention to every last detail.

ACS has access to more than 50,000 aircraft flying from all over the US and the world, giving you the scope and flexibility to find the aircraft that is suitable for you. ACS offers an award-winning charters on-demand service - arranging more than 6,500 a year. This unmatched level of service is very popular with clients.

There is no doubt that you will notice the level of service the minute you speak to an ACS representative. . See service levels for more information.

ACS is known for being a premier supplier of private jets, always paying attention to every last detail. Fortune 500 companies, heads of state, prime ministers, athletes, celebrities and royalty are just a few of the high profile clients we have chartered for. See VIP air charter service.

For you, the process of chartering an aircraft could not be easier. Call your dedicated account manager with your requirements on +1 516 432 5901 and let ACS arrange your perfect charter, today. See flight enquiry

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