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ACS VIP Charter ACS VIP Charters are fully tailored to your every requirement and discretion is assured. Category: Air Travel 5 stars, based on 5 reviews

VIP Air Charter, Discretion & Refinement

Private aircraft chartering is the perfect solution for busy individuals looking for private and convenient transport. Among our clients we can count sportspersons, celebrities, businesspeople and members of the film and financial industries. We are accustomed to clients who enjoy an executive VIP experience, offering security, privacy and luxury without any of the hassle.

Travel anywhere in the world in style

You can fly anywhere, internationally or within the US. When abroad, it is useful to have offices and account managers in locations such as Los Angeles, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, Frankfurt, South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo so that there is someone on the ground who has knowledge of the area. We also fly to plenty more locations on request.

Why use Air Charter Service?VIP Air Charter

  • Exclusivity and luxury – ACS offer a private, luxury service so that you can work or relax in peace while travelling to your destination
  • Convenience – we can enable you to fly wherever you want and wherever you want
  • Personal account manager – we provide you with a personal account manager who coordinates all aspects of your charter and appreciates the need for the privacy of our VIP clients
  • Range of private jets – ACS has access to 50,000 aircrafts worldwide, from light jets to heavy corporate airliners and turboprops to helicopters
  • Global coverage – ACS has a global network of offices, employing local experts to give you all the detail you need
  • Confidentiality – our internal legal team offer legal non-disclosure agreements

Additional services

  • Chauffeur-driven limousines to transport you to and from the airport
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Fresh flowers and champagne on board
  • Additional charters like helicopters to get VIPs out of traffic and closer to destinations

We also offer a number of other services upon request. Your dedicated Account Manager will look after each detail and provide you with a discreet, attentive service where all your personal needs are taken care of to ensure an unforgettable experience every time you travel. Please call our New York office on +1 516 432 5901, our Los Angeles office on +1 310 205 8959, our Florida office on +1 561 338 2430 or our Houston office on +1 281 552 8368.

ACS – offering convenient solutions to you

  • No voicemails - you will always speak to your Account Manager
  • On call service 24/7
  • VIP airplanes available worldwide
  • A stress-free journey every time you travel

ACS - a first class VIP private jet charter service
Gourmet meals and fine wines

  • Discreet service where confidentiality and anonymity are assured
  • Dedicated Account Manager to handle every aspect of your flight
  • Short boarding times: ten minutes before departure
  • Experience working with security staff and heightened security measures
  • Choice of airports convenient for you that fit into your schedule
  • World cuisine available on demand

ACS - the exclusive Air Charter Service

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