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3 times our onboard couriers saved the day

From haute couture to highly sensitive data, our versatile onboard courier team have delivered everything imaginable to every corner of the globe.

1. Dressing to impress

Couture mannequin with black dress
Couture mannequin with black dress

Cargo: Haute couture costumes for an international artist

Routes: Milan – Los Angeles

Timeframe: Delivered door to door in 21 hours

With the opening night of her tour fast-approaching, a singer in the states needed her couture costumes delivered from Milan. So, working with a freight forwarder in Italy, we quickly arranged door-to-door delivery, ensuring everything arrived in time for a final touch of tailoring. From the call coming in to a solution being found took just 13 minutes, and within two hours the details had been ironed out and the booking confirmed – just in time to issue the tickets.

Working through the night, our team made all the necessary arrangements to keep the packages secure en route and lined up an onboard courier, despite it being out of hours. At the last minute, an extra suitcase was added to the consignment, but thanks to our courier’s frequent flyer status, it was carried at no extra cost as part of their increased luggage allowance. Within 21 hours the costumes were safely with the singer in LA, and the show went off without a hitch.

2. Long-distance data

Hand inserting USB stick into laptop
Hand inserting USB stick into laptop

Cargo: Sensitive data on a memory stick

Routes: Kristiansand – Malabo

Timeframe: Delivered door to door in 28 hours

A client in a remote town in southern Norway needed a secure, trackable way to deliver a memory stick and its sensitive data to the capital of Equatorial Guinea. Our team quickly tracked down an onboard courier in Frankfurt who held the necessary visa. A team effort then ensued to get the USB stick south to Germany.

The first courier set off for Kristiansand by car to collect the package and make the 4.5-hour drive up to Oslo. From there, a second courier flew the consignment to Frankfurt. After a quick handover in Germany, the third, visa-holding courier took off for Malabo. With all the paperwork completed in advance, customs was cleared swiftly and the memory stick was delivered hours ahead of schedule.

The package was fully supervised throughout its journey, ensuring complete peace of mind for the client as well as a fast, cost-effective solution.

3. Keeping a car-maker on the move

Car production line
Car production line

Cargo: Automotive parts

Routes: Hong Kong – Chicago, Chicago – San Francisco, McAllen – Reno, Detroit – Chicago

Timeframe: Daily/weekly shipments over nearly three months

With the European launch of a new model on the horizon, an American automotive manufacturer urgently needed parts delivering across the US. Without these vital shipments, the production line would grind to a halt and the much-anticipated unveiling would be delayed. With requests coming in on an almost daily basis, onboard couriers were the ideal solution to ensure prompt, secure delivery in tight timeframes.

They also offered a high degree of flexibility, allowing the client to remain agile and make last-minute additions to shipments. On average, it took our team just 15 minutes to find a suitable courier, route and flight, with some deliveries needing as many as eight people to accompany them.

Consignments of all sizes from 5 to 500 kilos were carried over the course of nearly three months to cities across the US, saving the client thousands of dollars in production down-time. After a hectic few months, the new model was successful delivered to the EU market.



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