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5 ways to stay productive on your next flight

To ensure that you get the most out of your next business trip, we’ve selected some of the best tips to help you make the most of your time in the air.

1. Plan ahead

Having everything you need to work efficiently can save you plenty of time when travelling. Putting pen to paper and noting down tasks that require completion is key, but depending on the type of project you’re working on, there are three things that could greatly assist you in working with ease while in transit:

  • Portable Wi-Fi
  • Apps that operate offline i.e. Gmail offline
  • Google Docs (allows team members to pick up work where you left off)

All highly recommended, these are just some examples of items that might make working in transit easier. Plan to have these set up for a more productive session in flight.

Plan ahead
Plan ahead

Get inspired
Get inspired

2. Get inspired

Some find it harder than others to concentrate effectively when travelling. To diminish your propensity to procrastinate from the get go, start off your trip by listening to a podcast by a leader that you admire or with reference to a subject that you’re passionate about.

Alternatively, you could also read something by your favourite author, this should all go a long way in keeping you motivated to get through your work in flight. It’s best to get yourself in the right frame of mind before getting stuck into that business report than to start off feeling demotivated and delivering substandard work.

3. Get comfortable and organized

Change into something more comfortable on the flight, especially if you’re travelling directly from one business meeting to the next. If you’re not feeling comfortable, the chances of productivity stand to be reduced. Get your files ready for use and if you prefer to work with hard copies, many private jets will have a larger folding table where you can spread out your documents and work comfortably.

If you’re flying commercially, getting comfortable is going to be slightly more difficult and with less space available, you’re going to have to get pretty creative. Travel with less documentation if you can and ensure that you have all information saved on your mobile or pc, for ease of access, as you need it.

Get comfortable
Get comfortable

Get to work
Get to work

4. Get to work

Prioritize and stay on task while in the air by using a task organizer like Trello or Workflowy. Based on the flight time, it may be best to tackle one large project or power through the to-do list created before take-off. If you’re flying with your colleagues on a private jet, why not make the cabin your conference room. Conduct a business meeting with no fear of fellow travellers overhearing a confidential conversation. Use Google Voice to dial into a conference call or call contacts directly.

Some private jet rental services offer their own app for making phone calls, so check in advance if an app is available for download.

5. Take a break

Reward yourself with a little downtime as you complete an objective, despite your best efforts you can’t work nonstop, whether you’re on a two hour or 12-hour flight. Traveling, let alone working while traveling can be draining to say the least. If you find you’ve stopped working efficiently and can’t muster the strength to continue, take a well-deserved break. Read a book, listen to your favourite music, take a nap, or even make a dent in a few low-energy tasks like clearing your email inbox.

Giving yourself a break allows your brain and body to recuperate its energy for the next working session.

Take a break
Take a break



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