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A guide to the best food in Hong Kong

It isn’t for nothing that Hong Kong earned its nickname as the ‘World’s Food Fair’. A private jet charter lets you try out the best food in Hong Kong as well as the surrounding islands with ease. Here’s our pick of Chinese food and Hong Kong restaurants to inspire your tastebuds and wanderlust.

Traditional Hong Kong food

Food on display at Hong Kong street market
Food on display at Hong Kong street market

Hong Kong, the Culinary Capital of Asia, is bursting with culinary delights. As a foodie you’ll want to begin your discovery of traditional Hong Kong food by getting your hands on the cuisine that represents the best of the Hong Kong food court and humble street stall – the curry fish ball.

When you see Hong Kong locals strolling down the street having a snack, chances are they’re enjoying a skewer of curry fish balls. Unlike many Hong Kong food trends, curry fish balls have been around for decades and are still a popular street food. Traditionally the golden balls of fish are deep-fried then boiled in an aromatic curry sauce. The perfect accompaniment to curry fish balls is a chilled cup of coconut juice. Some of the best places to find traditional Hong Kong curry fish balls: Kai Kei Snacks in Dundas Street and Tung Tate Food Shop, both in Mong Kok, or the Welcome Food Court at San Hing Back Street, Cheung Chau Island.

For modern Chinese food you’re in for a treat at SHÉ. This Hong Kong restaurant can be found in one of the city’s most exclusive department stores, Lane Crawford, with a terrace that overlooks Victoria Harbour. The cuisine is classic Chinese but with a number of clever twists and turns. You’ll find everything from Cantonese roast meats to dim sum and noodle dishes. Don’t miss the late afternoon tea paired with cocktails!

Vegetarian food in Hong Kong

Overhead shot of many dim sum Chinese food dishes being shared
Overhead shot of many dim sum Chinese food dishes being shared

New-arrival on the Hong Kong food scene, Nectar, has evolved from Peggy Chan’s award-winning Grassroots Pantry. Situated in central Hong Kong, Nectar takes its rightful place in the best food tours in Hong Kong with finely-crafted seasonal tasting menus that are plant-based and made from locally-sourced organic ingredients. Her seasonal Asian-inspired menu is a delicious nod to her commitment to serving local and sustainable Hong Kong food. Don’t leave without getting your hands on her vegan, gluten-free cinnamon rolls and deconstructed blueberry cheesecake – but you’ll probably be back for truffle pasta or that scrumptious acai bowl anyway.

Chi Lin Vegetarian at Diamond Hill combines delicious meat-free Chinese food with a Zen experience. The tranquil Buddhist eatery located in the Tang Dynasty-style landscaped gardens of Nan Lian, serves a vegetarian banquet overlooking the cascading waterfall outside.

Hong Kong restaurants for meat lovers

Close up of chopstick holding a juicy piece of Chinese beef
Close up of chopstick holding a juicy piece of Chinese beef

Newly opened Wagyumafia in Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, is all about beef. An 18-seater dining and butcher's club, Wagyumafia serves Japanese-reared champion wagyu beef exclusively sourced from Kobe and Tajima. The single tasting menu showcases a variety of cuts and techniques like shabu-shabu and yakiniku. A must-try at this trendy Hong Kong restaurant is the cutlet sandwich, constructed on Japanese milk bread using an extra thick Chateaubriand cut that has been fried in Japanese panko breadcrumbs, and served with the restaurant's special sauce.

Another trending Chinese food experience is John Anthony at Sunning Road, Causeway Bay. Here you’ll experience Regional Chinese cuisines including Szechuan, Hunan, Shandong, and Cantonese. The 7,000-square-foot space boasts three custom-built barbecue grills to delight local and visiting meat-lovers. The Flat Bed BBQ turns out traditional Cantonese char siu roast meats and there’s a delightful selection of dim sum, with hand-made Alaskan crab dumplings, and steamed rice rolls with soft shell crab and squid ink.

Hong Kong seafood

Close up of dishes of Chinese seafood
Close up of dishes of Chinese seafood

If you’re a fan of seafood, Kakure in the Prince’s Building offers Edomae-style sushi and sashimi, as well as teppanyaki dishes and other Japanese treats. The seafood is flown in fresh from Japan each day, so you can expect top quality and delicious seafood. You’ll want to return or stay for drinks to sample Kakure’s 120 rare and vintage whiskies on offer.

Rent a plane or air taxi to get you to Lamma Island. Famous for its seafood restaurants, the island’s family-owned Tai Yuen Seafood Restaurant should be your starting point in the small fishermen village of Sow Kwu Wan. You’ll get to enjoy some of the best oysters you’ve ever tasted, served in garlic with rice noodles, fried garlic shrimps and fried calamari. Tables are well-located for their sea views and ocean breezes.

Finest food in Hong Kong

Fine dining Chinese food on plate
Fine dining Chinese food on plate

For fine dining, try Lung King Heen. This was the world’s first Chinese restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars. You can expect Cantonese cuisine, impeccable service and gorgeous views of the harbor.

Another outstanding fine dining experience can be found at the two-Michelin-star Ecriture on the top-floor dining room in one of Hong Kong's hottest restaurant destinations. Dishes include pan-seared lamb served with choy sum, Shanghainese cabbage, and Taiwanese spring cabbage sauteed with pickled lemon and seaweed. Tuck into the beautifully constructed chestnut ganache with three separate citrus fillings for dessert.

T’ang Court at The Langham boasts three Michelin stars. The restaurant serves authentic Cantonese cuisine liked braised imperial bird’s nest with crab meat and roe. The décor is reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty, with traditional red accents and contemporary artwork twist.

Places to eat and party in Hong Kong

Long range shot of world’s biggest outdoor Buddha in Lantau Island
Long range shot of world’s biggest outdoor Buddha in Lantau Island

Bar-inspired TMK, also called Temakeria, recently opened in Sheung Wan, and offers up a punk rock soundtrack and food that’s designed to complement the restaurant’s urban punk aesthetic. The speciality is temaki, featuring fist-sized cones of grilled nori and sushi rice filled with fresh king crab, bluefin tuna and sea urchin from Hokkaido. Drinks include sake, craft beer, and highballs.

Rent a jet to Lantau Island – home to the biggest outdoor Buddha in the world – and head to Pui O Beach where you’ll find Mavericks: one of the most iconic beachside bars in Hong Kong. This Hong Kong restaurant is so chilled you might think you’re in California. The food is delicious and there’s an impressive selection of craft beers to sip on while enjoying the live DJ who plays well into the night.

Charter a private jet to feast in Hong Kong

Kitchen view of traditional Chinese food being prepared
Kitchen view of traditional Chinese food being prepared

As a serious foodie, you’ll want to experience as many culinary delights as you possibly can. Why not fly by private jet in Hong Kong? This way you’ll get from one hotspot to the next, quickly and with ease.

For a full private jet charter quote or to find out more about how to charter a plane, contact us to experience more of the best food in Hong Kong in comfort and style.



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