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ACS’s Asian aircraft leasing tour

ACS’s Asian aircraft leasing tour

As a worldwide shortage of aircraft available for lease starts to impact European airlines, Ryan Davies from our ACMI team took off on a tour of Asia to make new connections, build relationships and access a relatively untapped growing market.

Between the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX, issues with the 787 Dreamliner and ongoing delays with the delivery of A320neo aircraft, airlines are facing an unprecedented need for leased aircraft to keep passengers flying.

Now, with peak season demand at an all-time high and no end to the issues in sight, suitable aircraft are becoming scarce in Europe. That’s why Ryan, one of our leasing executives, set off on a three-month tour of the Asia Pacific region in search of fresh aircraft leasing solutions.

With the airline market seeing rapid growth throughout Asia Pacific, Ryan visited over 30 operators in eight countries to explore the opportunities for expansion and meet some of our trusted airline partners in person.

As well as building relationships that will help us source aircraft for our European clients, the trip was also a chance to promote our leasing offering to airlines in Asia.

Competition in the region is fierce, and the initial cost of purchasing aircraft can make expansion particularly difficult. Using leased aircraft offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for those in need of extra capacity. Conversely, airlines with surplus aircraft can benefit from valuable extra cashflow by leasing them out.

Since European and Asian peak seasons differ, the leasing team are looking to bring aircraft west during the European summer rush. Then, come the Asian peak towards the end of the year, underutilised aircraft from Europe would be put into service in the far east, going with the flows of supply and demand.

Ryan and the leasing team are continuing to build relationships with our growing list of partner airlines and are always on hand to discuss aircraft leasing requirements.

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