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History of ACS and Chris Leach

Air Charter Service Private Jet Charter Global Leader Through the Ages

Today, Air Charter Service is a leading name in aircraft charters around the world, providing luxury private jet charters to high-end travelers and vital aid in global humanitarian crises. But before the success, ACS started from humble beginnings: it began a startup in the basement of Founder and Chairman Chris Leach’s family home. Armed with a passion for chartering aircraft and the belief that if you go the extra mile for your customer they will always come back, Chris built one of the most respected brokerage companies in the industry.

From the very beginning, Chris had aviation in his blood. His story began at London Stansted Airport, where his parents lived while his father worked as a pilot. The story goes that one day, Chris’ father’s flight was coming in with a failed engine. A difficult landing was expected. “The fire engine came out and (my mother) went into labor. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. So I was born on an airfield. As a consequence of that, I was just born into aviation.” After finishing school, Chris spent years working at Saturn Airways and Transamerica Airlines, gaining experience in diverse aspects of aviation. Throughout it all, he enjoyed the sense of adventure. “It wasn’t work to me. It never has been, frankly.”

Read on for the story of how Chris Leach founded Air Charter Service.

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