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Best Restaurants in Remote Places

The path off the beaten track is often much more interesting than the popular destinations every second traveller visits. What could be better than exploring the weird and wonderful restaurants, hidden away from mainstream society where you can savour the local food and enjoy the untouched beauty around?

We have found five unique restaurants located in secret places, sometimes along back-country roads where out-of-towners would never think to look, others not even accessible by roads. Our restaurants list includes hidden gems varying from triple-Michelin-Star-rated VIP venues to quirky, intimate family-run eateries, each offering a unique dining experience with delicious food to eat.

Subsix Restaurant, Maldives

Located approximately 500 metres from the coast of Niyama Private Islands in the Maldives, and nearly 20 metres below the Indian Ocean, Subsix can only be reached by speedboat. Once you arrive, entry to this unusual underwater restaurant is gained by descending down a dramatic three-tier staircase. Once you enter, a weird and wonderful world opens – sea-themed décor blends in with the illuminated ocean floor visible through floor-to-ceiling windows. In the depths of this secret space, you can hide away in the swooping curves of the clam-shaped bar or sink into the soft anemone-inspired chairs.

Functioning as both a nightclub and a restaurant, Subsix accommodates guests throughout the day. Whether you fancy a Champagne breakfast, subaquatic lunch with a refreshing cocktail or a gourmet dinner – there is something for everyone’s taste. The chef’s creations vary from seared scallops, butter poached salmon fillet and lobster medallions to pork belly and grilled Wagyu Beef.

How to get there

Chartering a Midsize Jet like the IAI Westwind from London Gatwick Airport to Malé International Airport will take between 9 hours and 11 hours, 25 minutes. Your journey then continues with a 40-minute seaplane flight to Niyama Island from where you will take a speedboat.

The Boathouse, Scotland

Sunrise over the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye in Scotland
Sunrise over the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Situated just off the west coast of Mull, on the picturesque island of Ulva in Scotland, the Boathouse offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Reachable by ferry from the Isle of Mull, the Boathouse is hidden away from the world – a secret restaurant, which has made a name for itself with its delicious local food. Being reliant on self-procured produce found in the area, this family-owned restaurant attracts curious visitors looking for something unusual to eat. Highlights on the menu include creel-caught shellfish, home-grown oysters, local and Scottish meats and salmon, traditionally baked cakes and bread made with free range eggs and delectable meals made with outdoor reared pork. The food is complemented by spectacular views of the landscape with abundant wildlife including otters, deer, birds and butterflies.

How to get there

A private jet flight from London Heathrow Airport to Glasgow International Airport will take approximately an hour in a Light Jet like an eight-seat Cessna Citation V. From Glasgow, rent a car for the 162-kilometre-long journey to the Isle of Mull from where you can take a ferry to the island of Ulva.

Furneaux Lodge, New Zealand

Part of the beauty of this culinary destination is its isolation. Situated on the northern tip of New Zealand’s southern island, Furneaux Lodge cannot be accessed by car as there are no roads leading there. Set in the Marlborough Sounds, a gorgeous network of mountain inlets and islands, this secret location can only be reached by helicopter or boat – a riveting journey that ends in an even more impressive dining experience.

The lodge’s Furneaux Bar and Howden Room Restaurant specialise in fresh New Zealand fare. Good food is an understatement. With a wide selection on offer, from king salmon and green-lipped mussels to game, paired with local Marlborough wine, Furneaux Lodge is the perfect destination for the foodie who'd like to go incognito.

How to get there

The journey between the UK and New Zealand is one best enjoyed in the luxurious cabin of an Ultra Long Range private jet like the Embraer Lineage 1000. The flight from London Gatwick Airport to Wellington International Airport will take between 18 hours and nearly 28 hours, requiring at least one fuel stop. But with complete on-board entertainment, lavish interior designs and ultra comfortable, fully reclinable seats, time will fly. The final leg of the journey is completed with a quick helicopter ride to the lodge.

Maaemo, Norway

Hamnoy village, Lofoten islands in Norway during winter.
Hamnoy village, Lofoten islands in Norway during winter.

To find the world’s northernmost three-star Michelin restaurant you have to travel all the way to Norway. The prestigious restaurant awards hanging against the wall are a testament to the fact that Maaemo is regarded as Oslo’s most exclusive and groundbreaking eatery – the first Norwegian restaurant ever to hold Michelin’s highest accolade. Co-owned by Head Chef Esben Holmboe Bang, Maaemo (meaning “Mother Earth”) is focused on creating a narrative around the clean, bright flavours of Norway. The restaurant serves a playful tasting menu made up of a selection of artfully created dishes such as Norwegian langoustines with pine, mackerel with ramson and Røros butter ice cream with brown butter caramel.

The restaurant has just eight tables in the main dining room, which means that guests must make a reservation in order to secure a spot. Each day at midnight the restaurant opens reservations online for 90 days in advance. For a VIP restaurant experience, book the private Test Kitchen table. Here, you will have a direct view of the chefs at work and the modern skyline of Bjørvika – one simply cannot attach any price to an experience like this.

How to get there

For a smooth, seamless journey, charter a private jet. A flight from London City Airport to Oslo Gardermoen Airport in a Very Light Jet like the four-seat Cessna Citation Mustang will take between one hour and 47 minutes and two hours, nine minutes. The airport is located approximately 50 kilometres from the restaurant.

Fäviken, Sweden

Getting to Fäviken is quite the quest. It’s perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Jämtland, Sweden. But its hard-to-reach location isn’t the only thing that makes it one of the most intriguing and unusual restaurants in the world. Fäviken is headed by culinary wunderkind Magnus Nilsson, a young chef who is highly regarded in the New Scandinavian cooking scene. The food is prepared using traditional methods stemming from the Jämtland mountain farms, which adds depth of flavour to the cuisine. The seasonal menu is planned according to the produce harvested and hunted during the bountiful seasons, which is pickled, dried, salted and bottled for the dark winter months. With only 16 seats divided among five tables in the dining room, a visit to this exclusive eatery warrants a reservation made well ahead of time.

How to get there

Östersund airport is situated about 80 kilometres from Fäviken. A private jet charter from London Heathrow Airport to Östersund Airport, Sweden in a Super Midsize Jet like the nine-seat Gulfstream G200 G280 will take between an hour and 50 minutes and two hours and 34 minutes.

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