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Charter a Private Jet from Alabama to Alaska

Traveling from Alabama’s steamy summers to the home of the Inupiat Eskimos? The 49th state is ready to welcome you with moose and mountains, snow and scenery, teeming forests, fjords, fish and furs. Here’s our guide to private jet charter between Alabama and Alaska.

Why vacation in Alaska?

Yes, it’s big and it’s cold. But there’s far more to Alaska than sub-zero temperatures and snow-capped peaks. Did you know that the United States bought Alaska from the Russian Empire for just over $7 million in 1867? This remote territory has no fewer than 20 official languages and is the scene of the second-most powerful earthquake in history.

Alaska is a treasure trove of pristine American wilderness in the extreme northwest. As the largest and most sparsely populated US state, Alaskans may be more likely to run into a brown bear than a neighbor but their wildlife paradise has much to offer besides below-zero temperatures, a smouldering volcano, the Northern Lights and midnight sun. From onion-domed churches that testify to its Russian history to totem poles that tell stories of a more distant past, Alaska’s museums and festivals celebrate its extraordinarily diverse heritage. The state also boasts a thriving beer culture and some of the world’s best seafood. Feast on locally-sourced delights like wild salmon and reindeer sausage and enjoy lively square dancing.

Read on for our guide to the ultimate Alaskan vacation, including things to do, the best airports to fly to.from and how long the journey takes on different types of jet.

Top private jet airports in Alabama

A train travels through the Alaskan mountains, with forests and greenery in the foreground
A train travels through the Alaskan mountains, with forests and greenery in the foreground
  • Wetumpka Municipal Airport is situated near Montgomery in Wetumpka, one of Elmore County’s most picturesque towns.
  • Montgomery Regional Dannelly Field is a joint civil-military airport situated seven miles southwest of the Alabaman capital, a great spot to hang out if you love the sound of F-16 Fighting Falcons roaring into the sky.
  • Camden Municipal Airport is a 100-year-old aviation facility near Camden, a small city with plenty of Civil War history under its belt.
  • Greensboro Municipal Airport is a public-use airport in Greensboro. You’re in Hale County now, so don’t be surprised if you run into the ghosts of Civil War heroes.
  • Craig Field Airport in Dallas County serves the city of Selma, which has a proud history of voting rights and social justice activism.

Top 2019 events in Alaska

Want to see an ice dragon? Of course you do. Make sure you visit the Alaskan town of Fairbanks in February, when the world’s best ice sculptors gather for the World Ice Art Championships. These are not your ordinary snowmen!

From Fairbanks, a one-hour flight gets you to Anchorage, the perfect setting for the Fur Rendezvous, or "Fur Rondy" to the locals. This annual celebration of Alaskan history, industry and creativity has something for everyone, including carnival rides, a “Running of the Reindeer” event and an Eskimo blanket toss. Visit between February 22 and March 3, 2019 to catch this epic winter festival.

The Alaskan tradition of dog sledding (aka mushing) is celebrated in March with the world-famous Iditarod Sled Dog Race, a two-week competition that gathers the world’s top mushers and sled dogs to cover over 1,000 grueling miles from Anchorage to Nome.

Top private jet airports in Alaska

  • Kantishna Airport is a general aviation facility right near Kantishna – known as Eureka to the thousands of prospectors who congregated here over 100 years ago to dig for their future.
  • Manley Hot Springs Airport is off the beaten track, which is your reason for coming to Alaska in the first place. Small town, bumpy roads. Good call to opt for a private jet.
  • Minto Al Wright Airport is a small landing strip outside Minto in Yokon-Koyukuk. If you’re interested in learning more about the Athabascan natives of interior Alaska, a spiritual journey starts here.
  • Stampede Airport is a single-runway airport located a half-hour drive outside remote Kantishna. Much smaller and more remote than its name suggests, it earns points for being close to famous Denali National Park & Preserve.
  • Eureka Creek Airport sports a single dirt runway but its proximity to both Manley Hot Springs and Fairbanks makes it an excellent launch pad for your Alaskan adventure.
 Detail of a totem pole at Saxman Village tribal house near Ketchikan, Alaska
Detail of a totem pole at Saxman Village tribal house near Ketchikan, Alaska

How long is the flight from Alabama to Alaska?

  • Whether you go light or heavy, you should plan a full day for your flight from the southeast to the northwest. Here are some examples of journey times from Alabama to Alaska:
  • The flight from Wetumpka Municipal Airport to Kantishna Airport takes just under eight hours in a Hawker Beechcraft 200 Premier II, a long-range light craft that seats six passengers.
  • It’s an eight-hour hop from Montgomery Regional Dannelly Field to Manley Hot Springs Airport in a Gulfstream G150. This midsize favorite of long-range business travelers can go the distance and then some.
  • Shave a few minutes off your journey by plotting your course from Greensboro Municipal Airport to Stampede Airport in the spacious Bombardier Learjet 60XR.
  • Alternatively, take the scenic route from Craig Field Airport to Eureka Creek Airport in a sleek lightweight like the Embraer Phenom 100. Estimated journey time: nine hours.

How much does it cost to charter a plane from Alabama to Alaska?

This will depend on the type of aircraft you charter and the route you take. You can read more in this blog post about how much it costs to hire a private plane. To get a tailor-made quote for your chosen journey, call us on +1 516 432 5901 or speak to our team online. After going through the finer details, your dedicated account manager can take care of every stage of your booking, meaning all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the flight.



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