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Charter a private jet from Kentucky to New Hampshire

A visit to Kansas allows you to experience two worlds in a single trip: small-town charm and big-city vibe. Whether you’re planning a Kansas vacation as an outdoor adventurer, history buff or festival freak, or setting out on a business trip, we’ve got you covered.

Top private jet airports in Kentucky

  • Barkley Regional Airport, located 12 nautical miles west of Paducah in McCracken County, is owned by the Barkley Regional Airport Authority.
  • Louisville International Airport is a public- and military-use airport centrally located in the city of Louisville in Jefferson County. Over three million passengers and 4.7 billion pounds of cargo pass through each year, making it the third-busiest airport in the U.S. for cargo traffic and seventh-busiest in the world. Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby Museum and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, where Major League bats are still produced.
  • Ashland Regional Airport sits six nautical miles northwest of the central business district of Ashland in Boyd County. Currently, the airport serves local charter and private aircraft, as well as acting as a venue for community events such as car and air shows.
  • Bowman Field is a public airport five miles southeast of downtown Louisville and also acts as a reliever airport for nearby Louisville International Airport. Flying in by private jet charter means you’ll avoid the queues and delays that are typical of a bigger, international airport.

Top private jet airports in New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA townscape.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA townscape.
  • Manchester–Boston Regional Airport, commonly referred to as Manchester Airport, is located three miles south of the central business district of Manchester, on the border of Hillsborough and Rockingham counties.
  • Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, formerly known as Pease International Airport, is a joint civil- and military-use airport one nautical mile west of the central business district of Portsmouth in Rockingham County. It sits near the Redhook Portsmouth Brewery & Cataqua Public House, the Strawbery Banke Museum and scenic Portsmouth Harbor cruises.
  • Lebanon Municipal Airport is a city-owned, public-use airport three nautical miles west of the central business district of Lebanon in Grafton County.
  • Concord Municipal Airport is located two miles east of the central business district of Concord in Merrimack County, not far from New Hampshire State House, the New Hampshire Audubon McLane Center and the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.

How long does it take to fly from Kentucky to New Hampshire?

  • Flights to New Hampshire take two-and-a-half hours from Barkley Regional Airport to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport on a Dornier D328. Originally a commuter airliner and later converted into a fully capable business jet, this aircraft features extended-range tanks and various VIP cabin layouts, often in a double-club arrangement, with sofas and dining areas.
  • Travel from Kentucky to New Hampshire in two hours and 11 minutes from Louisville International Airport to Lebanon Municipal Airport on an Augusta Westland 109 Power Grand. This seven-seater helicopter is highly versatile, with a large passenger cabin and interior refinements that deliver an outstanding level of elegance and comfort.
  • You’ll get from Ashland Regional Airport in Kentucky to Concord Municipal Airport in New Hampshire in just under two hours on a Gulfstream G150, one of the world’s fastest mid-size business aircraft. It also boasts good range, with the capacity to fly nonstop between most U.S. cities, and carries seven to nine passengers.

Top places to visit in New Hampshire

Boathouse and fall colors reflecting in Echo Lake, in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire.
Boathouse and fall colors reflecting in Echo Lake, in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire.

Row that pumpkin!

Row a pumpkin gently down the stream at the Goffstown Giant Pumpkin Regatta. If your New Hampshire vacation falls in October, you can watch as locals prepare giant homegrown pumpkins weighing up to 1,000lbs for this fun race. Don’t be fooled; it takes real skill to create a sailing vessel from a pumpkin and navigate it along a stream. The regatta is part of a weekend festival that includes other fun-packed events like apple slingshots, pie-eating contests and pumpkin carving.

Manchester’s Cat Alley

In one New Hampshire alleyway, the traditional meeting-place of feline friends is celebrated with a public gallery. The side-street leading to Manchester’s public library is an open-air exhibition of feline-centric street art. Cat Alley was apparently named by cotton mill manufacturer C.T. Durgin after witnessing a battle between a pair of cats on the street. The public gallery formed part of a successful campaign to revitalize the street, and today the alley still draws cat-loving street artists and their felines.

Satan makes a mark in Lyndeborough

Purgatory Falls is supposedly where Satan ruined a pot of beans. The story goes that the Devil once chose the falls as a venue for dinner with a number of churchmen, who he no doubt planned to trick in some way. While cooking the meal in a pot heated directly by the fires of Hell, he drew too much heat and melted the rock around his foot, becoming stuck. To this day, among the upper falls there is a large hole in the rock called “The Devil’s Bean Pot” and nearby is another indent in the stone referred to as “The Devil’s Footprint.”

New Hampshire’s first inland colony

The ghost town of Monson, located on the border of the towns of Hollis and Milford, was one of New Hampshire's first European settlements. Today it’s a park detailing the colony’s 18th-century history, after local residents worked to preserve parts of Monson and make them available to the public. The historic park covers 200 acres, with fields, forests, hiking trails and a small museum in a restored colonial house. A map at the start of the ghost town documents every aspect of the original settlement, along with the genealogy of each homestead’s original owners.

Robert Frost Farm

Robert Frost Farm was the home of the famous poet from 1900 to 1911. Frost’s most popular poem collections, North of Boston and A Boy’s Will, were written here. At the back of the property you’ll find the subject of Frost’s Mending Wall, which contributed the now-familiar phrase “good fences make good neighbors” to the English lexicon. It’s said the place also bears the psychic scars of family tragedies, after Frost’s first son died on the farm aged four. The farm is included in the National Register of Historic Places for its historical value and peaceful walking trails.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Kentucky to New Hampshire?

The cost of flying from Kentucky to New Hampshire depends on the type of aircraft you charter and the route you take. Our blog post on how much it costs to hire a private plane can help give you a better idea of prices. Looking for a more precise quote? Speak to our team online or call us on +1 516 432 5901 and we’ll talk you through your options before assigning you a dedicated account manager to take care of all the details.



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