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Charter a private jet from Utah to Indiana

There’s more popping in Indiana than just corn. A private jet charter means you save commuting time on your Indiana vacation and get to see more in comfort and style.

Top private jet airports in Utah

  • Salt Lake City International Airport is a civil-military airport four miles west of downtown Salt Lake City. It’s the closest commercial airport for more than 2.5 million people and sits within a 30-minute drive of nearly 1.3 million jobs.
  • St. George Regional Airport is a city-owned, public-use airport located five nautical miles southeast of the central business district (CBD) of St. George in Washington County.
  • Provo Municipal Airport is located just two miles west of Provo in Utah County.
  • Skypark Airport is situated three nautical miles southwest of the Bountiful CBD in Davis County.

Top private jet airports in Indiana

View of Indianapolis skyline at twilight.
View of Indianapolis skyline at twilight.
  • Gary/Chicago International Airport is a joint civil-military public airport in Gary, Lake County. It’s three miles northwest of the Gary CBD and 25 miles southeast of the Chicago Loop, not far from Marquette Park and Whihala Beach.
  • Fort Wayne International Airport is in the city of Fort Wayne in northeastern Indiana. Flying here by private jet charter sets you down on the doorstep of the best the city has to offer – the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, Fort Wayne Museum of Art and 1860 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with its showcase 19th-century stained glass.
  • Porter County Regional Airport, one nautical mile southeast of the Valparaiso CBD in Porter County, sits near the Brauer Museum of Art and Central Park Plaza, site of concerts and a unique splash pad.
  • De Kalb County Airport is situated three miles south of Auburn in DeKalb County. Visitors from all over the world travel here to view the county’s classic car collection.

How long does it take to fly from Utah to Indiana?

  • Flights to Indiana take three hours and nine minutes from Salt Lake City International to Gary Chicago International on a Bombardier Learjet 40, which seats up to six passengers.
  • Traveling from Provo Municipal Airport to Fort Wayne International takes three hours and 19 minutes on a Bell 206B Jet Ranger; a single-engine helicopter that can seat up to four passengers.
  • It takes three hours and 12 minutes to fly from Skypark Airport to Porter County Regional Airport on the spacious Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. Able to seat up to 19 passengers, the stand-up cabin provides the ultimate in comfort, space and flexibility. The S-92 has one of the most impressive helicopter interiors on the charter market.

Top places to visit in Indiana

A lighthouse in Michigan City, Indiana.
A lighthouse in Michigan City, Indiana.

Chicago’s Pullman Historic District

The United States’ first planned industrial community was built by the Pullman (railroad) Car Company in 1880 on 4,000 acres of land outside the Chicago city limits. In its heyday, the company-owned town provided housing, markets, a library, a church and entertainment for 6,000 company employees and as many dependents. When demand for Pullman cars dipped during the 1894 recession, the company laid off hundreds of workers and reduced the wages of the remaining labor force, but not the rents in Pullman. As a result, the two-month Pullman Strike began in 1894 and spread across the railroad industry, involving 250,000 workers in 27 states at its peak. The Illinois Supreme Court ordered the company to sell off the town and it was annexed by the City of Chicago in 1889. President Obama named Pullman a National Monument in 2015; Chicago’s first and only National Parks designation.

Mt. Baldy’s sinkholes

The disappearance and rescue of a child led to the discovery of this geological mystery. It began when the 123ft Mount Baldy sand dune in Michigan City, known as the “wandering dune”, was closed off to the public after being destabilized by too many visiting feet and beginning to shift towards the parking lot. While the area was closed off, a six-year old boy disappeared near the dune down a hole that suddenly appeared beneath his feet. It took three hours to locate and rescue the child. It’s thought the 11ft sinkhole was created when the moving dune swallowed a tree. Once the tree died and decomposed, a hole appeared that later became a sinkhole.

Museum of superheroes

The Hall of Heroes in the small town of Elkhart is the world's only comic book and superhero museum. It’s the brainchild of Indiana local Allen Stewart, who was happy to share his lifelong passion for superhero comic books with the world. The Hall of Heroes has thousands of action figures, props, collectables and comic books drawn from across the genre’s 70-year history. One of the museum’s most impressive features is the building’s remodeled façade, based on the Hall of Justice from the Superfriends cartoon.

Somerset Center

McCourtie Park in Somerset Center was commissioned by W.H.L. McCourtie, who made his fortune in oil and cement. He hired two artisans who were experts in the Mexican folk art of trabejo rustic, which uses cement to mimic real wood for furniture and small landscape structures. The result was 17 small bridges, two cement lakes, two large birdhouses and two life-size trees that acted as chimneys for McCourtie’s underground garage and rathskeller. Rumor persists that the real reason he built the rathskeller (an underground lodge that’s still there today) was to run it as a speakeasy, hosting bootleggers and gangsters like Al Capone.

A stunning gothic ruin

The City Methodist Church in Gary is a breathtaking gothic ruin which began life in 1926 as a grand, million-dollar church and fell victim to the Indiana steel industry crash. Today, you can still see the crumbling face of the once massive, nine-storey church designed in an English gothic style, including ornate stone work, countless molded arches, towering pillars and huge amounts of stained glass. A number of movies have been filmed in the ruins of the crumbling church, including A Nightmare on Elm Street and Transformers 3. In 2017, the Gary Redevelopment Commission was awarded a $163,333 grant to redevelop the church as a “ruins garden”, with an amphitheater for weddings and receptions.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Utah to Indiana?

Flying from Utah to Indiana differs in price depending on the type of aircraft you charter and the route you take. You can read more in this blog post about how much it costs to hire a private plane. If you’d like a precise quote, speak to our team online or call us on +1 516 432 5901 and we’ll take you through the different options.



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