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Debunking the Myths of Executive Charters

There are many myths and misconceptions about executive charters. We put them to the test here.

1. I can never afford private plane travel

Being able to travel with a private aircraft brings to mind A-list celebrities and island-bound billionaires. But it is not only the domain of the super wealthy. In fact, most private jets are chartered by corporations for business travel. While flying private can be costly, chartering a private jet can be cheaper when traveling with a group of business associates. This is particularly true when one considers the cost of the executives’ time. The per-person cost of a charter flight is often less expensive than a group of first class tickets.

If you’re lucky, it is also possible to find great deals on private charter flights. When a customer books a one-way charter, the plane is often left empty for the return flight to its base. In the industry, this is called an “empty leg.” You can book an empty leg flight at up to 75% off the cost of a regular charter. Browse our up-to-date index of available empty legs here.

Private Jet Cabin Interior
Private Jet Cabin Interior

2. Flying private is dangerous

A common myth is that flying private is more dangerous than flying commercial. However, the FAA regulates private aviation as stringently as they do commercial aviation. Over 2000 to 2014, more fatalities occurred on commercial flights than on private jets.

Private Jet in a Storm
Private Jet in a Storm

3. Private airports are less convenient than major commercial airports.

Some individuals assume that airports for private aircraft are not as convenient to get to as major hubs. However, there are far more private jet airports than commercial airports. This means that there is usually a private airport that is closer to your origin or destination than the major hub.

One of the most compelling benefits of travelling via aircraft charter is the amount of time it will save you. With private jet travel, you can arrive at the airport ten minutes before departure instead of getting there two hours early. Usually, there’s a private security procedure that makes the whole boarding process extremely quick and easy. At some airports, your chauffeur can even drive you directly onto the tarmac. Or, if you like to arrive early, many airports for private aircraft have luxurious executive lounges with refreshments, showers, conference rooms and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi.

Private airports
Private airports

4. It’s better to own a jet than charter one

To many individuals, the idea of owning a private jet is the apex of success. However, chartering is a better option for almost every luxury traveller. The upfront costs of purchasing a jet are substantial, but the price of maintenance and unexpected repairs can be overwhelming. A major engine repair alone can cost six figures.

Chartering, on the other hand, offers all the benefits of owning your own jet without the hassle. Customers can choose the size and type of aircraft for each use to make each individual trip as cost effective as possible. And while the plane may not be yours, you can select the catering and amenities to make it feel just like home.

Small Business Jet
Small Business Jet



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