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European Orchestra tour

European Orchestra Tour

In 2015 we were asked to charter for the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra’s European tour, flying from Vienna to Stockholm, on to Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Berlin and Dusseldorf before returning to Vienna over the course of 10 days. Though all of the routes had scheduled services, trying to get all the passengers, plus their instruments and luggage on the same flights adhering to the schedule was impossible. We were asked to find a new aircraft from a well-known airliner to fly 110 passengers, plus their instruments and luggage, to every rehearsal and performance on time, all at a reasonable price.


The client was in touch with our ACS team in Paris via a contact in our Hong Kong office as he wanted to deal with someone locally, but also wanted the reliability of a global company with resources within Europe. Our team gave him a selection of options, and he chose an A319 from a renowned German airline, which, whilst it wasn’t the most cost effective option, met his criteria perfectly.

Because they were travelling during the winter season, our local offices in Europe arranged for the aircraft to be positioned as quickly as possible and kept an eye on the weather throughout, factoring in any extra time needed so that it wouldn’t cause delays to the tour. This ensured the entire tour ran on time, without any delays due to air or ground transportation.


FLIGHT REPRESENTATION: There was at least one ACS representative on every flight of the tour who also shadowed the group during ground transportation to ease logistics and communication.

CATERING: We provided Japanese themed meals throughout to tour to make the passengers feel as at home as possible.

THE EXTRA MILE: We ensured that we had Japanese-speaking crew onboard every flight so the passengers would be able to communicate easily and enjoy their tour as much as possible.

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