To help inspire your next group or private jet charter with us, we’ve collated some of the best remote destinations on the planet for a relaxing escape.

Fly by private jet to the world's remotest destinations

There’s nothing better than retreating somewhere quiet to switch off from everyday life and recharge your batteries. To help inspire your next charter with us, we’ve collated some of the remotest destinations on the planet for a much-needed escape.

These far-flung spots are best reached by private jet, flying you straight to the nearest airport without any of the delays or logistical difficulties associated with scheduled services.

Naladhu Private Island, Maldives

The Maldives is an isolated archipelago 300 miles south of India, prized for its idyllic white-sand beaches, clear turquoise waters and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Set on its own tropical island in the South Malé Atoll, Naladhu offers a luxury Robinson Crusoe-style escape with just 20 pool villas, 24-hour butler service, private dining and a spa.

Chartering a private jet is the best way to journey to the Maldives in comfort and style. We can fly you directly to Velana International Airport for the 35-minute luxury speedboat transfer to Naladhu.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is arguably the world’s most isolated inhabited island – located off the coast of Chile, it’s 7,000km from Los Angeles and 13,000km from London. Often included on travel bucket lists, this mysterious destination is famous for the iconic Moai, an ancient collection of 887 monolithic human statues carved by the early Rapa Nui people. Visitors can also explore spectacular caves, climb a volcano and surf on windswept beaches.

With only one commercial airline flying to Easter Island from Santiago and Tahiti, travelling by private jet is the best way to reach the destination directly on a schedule that suits you. Contact us today to plan a bespoke charter that’s tailored to your needs.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is famously owned by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, who can often be spotted in person relaxing at the luxury Caribbean resort. Available for exclusive hire with room for up to 40 guests, the unspoilt island offers snorkelling, diving, hiking and spa treatments. It’s also a convenient base for cruising around the British Virgin Islands.

If you’re renting the whole island, contact us for a group charter to fly all your guests on one aircraft to nearby Beef Island Airport.

Madagascar, Africa

Located 250 miles off Africa’s eastern coast in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is one of the most biologically-diverse landscapes on Earth. Along the rugged coastline of the world’s fourth-largest island, visitors can unwind on sandy beaches, track turtles climbing ashore and spot dolphins on a sunset cruise. Inland, experience astonishingly varied terrain and spot a plethora of wildlife as you hike through rainforests and discover desert canyons.

Madagascar is best reached by private jet, avoiding the stopovers and lengthy transfers associated with commercial flights. We can arrange your charter to Ivato International Airport, Toamasina Airport or Sainte Marie Airport, all of which have dedicated private jet facilities to ensure a smooth transit.

Calivigny Island, Grenada

For a totally secluded Caribbean escape, you can hire the whole 80-acre private island of Calivigny south of Grenada. Your group of up to 40 guests can stay in five luxury residences complete with private chefs and butler service, while facilities include a fleet of private boats, six beaches, a swimming pool, a gym and tennis courts.

If you’re booking Calivigny Island for exclusive use, we can transport your entire party together with a group charter directly to Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport. From there it’s just a five-minute boat transfer to the private island.

Ananda in the Himalayas, India

Hidden in a 100-acre virgin forest in northern India’s Himalayan foothills, Ananda in the Himalayas is one of the world’s most secluded wellness retreats. Here you can truly escape the stresses and strains of life back home whilst following a bespoke wellness programme of yoga, massages and ayurvedic treatments.

The resort’s remote location means it can be time-consuming to reach via scheduled flights and road transfers. Instead, let us arrange a private jet to Delhi followed by a helicopter charter to whisk you straight to Ananda’s private helipad.

Deception Island, Antarctica

Known as the “Ice Desert”, Antarctica is the ideal location for a wilderness adventure. On Deception Island, the caldera of an active volcano just north of the Antarctic peninsula, you can discover the remains of a whaling station, hike along 1,000-year-old glaciers and swim in geothermally heated waters. When night falls, camp on frozen sea ice for a truly authentic experience or retreat to your own luxury yacht.

If you want to escape to Antarctica, we can fly you in by private jet and arrange a land vehicle or private yacht charter for the remainder of your journey.

Contact one of our dedicated account managers today to charter a private jet to one of these remote destinations.

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