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helicopter landing on a patch of green grass with trees in background

Fogo Island Inn Luxury Private Jet VIP Package

Contrasting starkly with its surroundings, the Fogo Island Inn is a modern architectural marvel, set on rugged rocks on the beautiful Fogo Island.

Day 1 – From the airport, hop on board your private charter, be it a small executive jet or helicopter, and head across to the beautiful Fogo Island where you’ll transfer to the hotel. You’ll stay here for the next four nights, or alternatively you could choose to extend your stay. Once checked in you’ll head to the Flat Earth Room 29, the only one of its kind in the inn and also known as the Captain’s Quarters. This suite is the best in the hotel, located in the eastern corner of the building; the views from this two-storey suite are outstanding. Within this 1,100sqft retreat you’ll find a soaker tub, wood stove and lofted sleeping quarters. Whilst modern, the décor is still classically Newfoundland, with patchwork quilts, wooden furnishings and plenty of whitewashed wood panelling too.

Day 2-4 – Outside of the room, the inn also offers a large and bright dining room with sweeping views of the bay, as well as a chic bar area offering a range of high-end drinks and spirits. There is also a library, cinema, art space, sauna and hot tubs within the hotel. Outside of the hotel there is also plenty to do, with what is available is tied in with the seasons, so if you have a particular experience in mind, make sure you travel in the corresponding season. Activities such as hiking, bird spotting and star gazing are generally available year round. During the winter you’ll gain a lot of winter activities such as ice-skating, skidooing and snowshoeing, whilst those travelling earlier in the year can forage for berries, row across the bay, go whale watching and enjoy bonfire nights.

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