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Boeing 747

Going tech in Reykjavík

When an aircraft went tech with an engine failure in Reykjavík, a leading global low-cost airline required an urgent wet lease solution to provide cover for a transatlantic route. To fulfil the number of pre-booked passengers, a wide-body aircraft was required to carry 480 passengers to Miami and another 480 back again. With a cancellation compensation bill looming, the client had just one day to find an urgent solution. And with other airlines offering to step in, we were up against the clock and some serious competition.


The first challenge was to find a stand-in aircraft. With a tight deadline and an eye on the client’s budget, the team decided to narrow the search radius to limit both the cost and time of ferrying the replacement aircraft to Reykjavik.

We quickly sourced a Boeing 747 just a few hours away, from an operator located in Spain with instant availability. Working around the clock, thanks to our close, collaborative relationship with the B747 operator, we were able to negotiate the lease agreement quickly and the aircraft was in position in Reykjavik within a day, ready to fly.

At the same time, our cargo team in London were made aware that the aircraft had been grounded due to engine failure. We promptly arranged for a spare engine to be flown to Reykjavik from mainland Europe so the client’s own aircraft could be repaired during the wet lease agreement. While the new engine was fitted, the wet lease was extended for another two sectors, carrying 1,920 passengers in total.

Thanks to our wide range of AOG solutions, rapid response and 24-hour cover, the client was able to continue a seamless passenger service, avoid a compensation bill and quickly repair their grounded aircraft.

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