In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought scheduled services to a standstill amidst global travel restrictions and border closures.

How to charter a private jet during a pandemic

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought scheduled services to a standstill amidst global travel restrictions and border closures.

Fast-forward to 2021 and continued disruption to commercial flights, together with worries about the lingering virus, have led to an influx of first-time private jet charter clients keen to avoid busy terminals and crowded planes. If you’re considering a charter for your first post-lockdown trip abroad, read on to find out all you need to know about booking a private jet during a pandemic.

Reliable timings with no last-minute cancellations

Preparing for your first flight since Covid-19 took hold can be a daunting prospect, so the last thing you need is added stress if your trip is disrupted at the last minute. With scheduled services still subject to ever-changing time-tables or outright cancellations, chartering a private jet is a reliable alternative that allows you to plan your holiday without any uncertainty about how you’ll get there.

Round-the-clock service from a dedicated point of contact

Our clients tell us they prefer speaking to a real person rather than using a digital app – and every ACS customer receives round-the-clock service from a dedicated Personal Account Manager, who’s on-hand 24/7 to guide you through the booking process.

Having a consistent point of contact allows you to build a relationship with your consultant, confident that you won’t be asked to repeat details to multiple people on different occasions.

Travel restriction updates

Keeping on top of the ever-changing travel restrictions can seem like an impossible task, but with ACS you don’t have to. We have a dedicated team monitoring the latest measures to ensure our customers are always up-to-date.

We’ll check whether the borders are open in your chosen destination and, if they are, ensure you have the correct residency or visa. Before your flight, we’ll also provide detailed information on the relevant quarantining and Covid-19 testing requirements, so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to travel.

Bespoke cancellation terms

As restrictions continue to evolve as the pandemic unfolds, we’ll tailor our cancellation terms to each client’s individual needs wherever possible. This allows customers who are nervous about changing quarantining or testing requirements to get the best price and availability by booking in advance, with the added reassurance that they won’t be out of pocket if they need to cancel further down the line.

All your paperwork taken care of

Travelling during a pandemic can feel like a logistical nightmare, with endless form-filling to complete before you fly. ACS does all the hard work for you, ensuring that paperwork like passenger locator forms is completed in time and showing you where to upload negative test results. Our expert team knows exactly what’s required in each country and your Personal Account Manager will work with you to ensure everything is ready prior to your flight.

Going the extra mile

Still feeling nervous about chartering a private jet during Covid-19? We’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable on board, from arranging a larger aircraft with more space for social distancing to letting the crew know you’d like additional restrictions to be in place.

To find out more about private jet charter and receive a personalised quotation, call one of our experienced aviation consultants now on +1 516 432 5901.


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