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Boeing 737-500 VIP

In the spotlight: Best aircraft for 50 passengers

It may be mid-summer but it’s the busiest time of the year for budgeting, planning and booking groups and teams before the summer holidays. So, whether you’re arranging flights for the upcoming basketball season, or after inspiration for a winter incentive for your clients or top performers, get up to speed on our most popular aircraft options.

Whatever your needs and priorities, our global team of group charter experts will take note of your unique requirements before providing quotes for at least three suitable aircraft. We’ll then be on hand to talk through the options and help you choose the best fit, working with you on budget, speed and comfort.

Since we’re not affiliated with any particular airline or aircraft type, you can rest assured that all of our advice is completely impartial and tailored to you. Here are a few of our most popular aircraft, all of which are available to charter through ACS for a group of 50.

50 passenger aircraft infographic
50 passenger aircraft infographic

ATR 42

ATR 42 aircraft
ATR 42 aircraft

Seats: 50

Baggage capacity: 1,200 kg/2,646 lbs

Range: 1555 km/ 966 miles

This short-haul twin turboprop is a cost-effective option for short hops. The generous baggage/cargo hold is larger than that of many aircraft of a similar size, making it ideal for musicians and bands on a budget with lots of kit to carry. An ideal choice for up-and-coming artists heading to festivals this summer.

Embraer 145

Embraer 145 aircraft
Embraer 145 aircraft

Seats: 50

Baggage capacity: 1,000 kg/2,205 lbs

Range: 2870 km/ 1783 miles

Thanks to two powerful Rolls Royce jet engines, this regional jet offers shorter flight times than its turboprop competitors, while a 1-2 configuration mean more passengers enjoy the view from a window and avoid the dreaded middle seat. Perfect for when timing is everything, for instance a flying visit from San Jose to a tech conference in Las Vegas.

Boeing 737-500 VIP

Boeing 737-500 VIP aircraft
Boeing 737-500 VIP aircraft

Seats: 56

Baggage capacity: 3,000 kg/6,614 lbs

Range: 5970 km/ 3709 miles

With 56 business-class seats, this VIP version of Boeing’s most popular jet makes for a comfortable flight of up to five hours. Its two by two configuration and 40”+ pitch (rather than the usual three by three & 31” Pitch) allow ample space to stretch your legs, making it a favourite choice for sports teams en route to a match, for example from Frankfurt to Baku. The large baggage hold also easily accommodates all the kit and equipment required. Likewise, when combined with corporate branding it makes a real impression on key suppliers, clients or employees.

Boeing 757-200 VIP

Boeing 757-200 VIP aircraft
Boeing 757-200 VIP aircraft

Seats: 62-182

Baggage capacity: 5,000-6000 kg/11,023-13,228 lbs

Range: 7222 km/ 4487 miles

Flexible, far-reaching and luxurious, the VIP version of the 757-200 is available in various configurations, from 62 business-class seats and a bedroom to 162 economy plus, 20 business seats and everything in between. Able to fly nine hours direct, it’s capable of crossing the Atlantic, making it a popular choice for incentive trips, executive travel and A-List artists. Adding a fuel stop en route allows it to go further still, for instance from Paris to Singapore or Buenos Aires to New York.

To charter any of these aircraft or find out about other options for your group, contact our group charter team today.


We would recommend mainly regional aircraft, such as the Embraer EMB145 Jet or Embraer EMB135 Jet which gives seating for 30 or 50 passengers and a payload of up to 7,500lbs. Alternatively, a more competitively priced Embraer EMB120 Turbo-prop can also be ideal, with seating for 30 passengers and a payload of up to 6,600lbs. For International Tournaments to the Caribbean, a narrow-body 737 in either VIP or Economy are great choices.

They are the ideal size to be able to bring players, coaches, staff, admin and donors, with room to spare, which when you are as tall as these basketball players, is necessary.

Absolutely, as the largest air charter brokerage in the world we organise over 22,000 charters annually and in the past 3 years have embarked on a multi-million dollar investment into our back-end CRM systems, which allows us to bring up historical pricing in seconds. We always encourage our clients to come to us, even if for setting a budget and checking feasibility of a charter.

With a dedicated Account Manager and 24 hours Operations team located in our New York Regional Headquarters we can, and have, arranged last minute team travel for the same day when a Commercial flight has been cancelled.

Should you wish, ACS can have someone at the airport, and travel on board the aircraft with you. This way they can ensure everything runs as seamlessly as possible.

  • In-house Legal and Compliance Team
  • 24 hours Operations Department
  • Dedicated Flight Service department
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • See-off rep and on-board rep can be provided
  • Work closely with the operators to provide a flexible departure if needed
  • Fast turn-around time if required
  • Experience with MBB and WBB teams for ad hoc flights and season flying
  • Ability to accurately provide historical pricing for them to check the feasibility of chartering

  • AVAILABLE 24/7