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In the spotlight: Boeing 767-300 VIP

Historically, if you had a group of up to 100 passengers a long-haul charter meant having to compromise, but ACS now have access to a new generation of wide-body VIP aircraft that offers the best of both worlds.

Easy and efficient long-haul travel

The Boeing 767-300 is truly versatile with a proven track record of service for some of the world’s largest carriers. It is perfect for long-haul routes, typically flying London to Los Angeles, Sao Paulo to Madrid or Sydney to Hong Kong. With up to 14 hours range it can comfortably handle these types of intercontinental trips.

In fact, nearly any route in the world can be accommodated in just one stop, but without the hassle of having to change planes or transit at a huge international hub airport. For longer routes where a stop is unavoidable, we can find a route that is as efficient as possible.

We were recently contacted to find a route from Dubai to Silicon Valley for a Technology company, which at 17 hours flight time required a quick stop en-route for fuel. ACS chartered this aircraft and planned a stop in Shannon, Ireland, as this is a U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Preclearance centre. This meant that passengers were able to clear their arrival into the US in Ireland, so that it would be like arriving on a domestic US flight, with bags and passengers processed into a private terminal and avoiding any long queues for customs.

The ACS Choice

Boeing 767-300ER in a VIP configuration with 96 all-leather lie-flat seats
Boeing 767-300ER in a VIP configuration with 96 all-leather lie-flat seats

We currently have the following Boeing 767-300 VIP available to charter, which is perfect for a variety of large groups and charter requirements. This has been re-engineered from a standard commercial layout of 250-300 seats to incorporate 96 all business-class, lie-flat seats, and is proving a popular choice for our customers looking for long-haul comfort. As all of the seats are lie-flat all members of the group can recline, sleep and arrive feeling well-rested, and there is in seat power available to keep all the “tech” you need charged. And with the spacious feel of the wide body cabin and over 70 inches of legroom the sociable layout on board is designed for passengers to easily stretch their legs, mingle, or have time to relax in private.

With ample baggage capacity large items such as sporting kit or bulky musical equipment can be transported too. In fact, the hold is so large that up to 30 tonnes of cargo and baggage space is available. For that reason, our customers often use this aircraft for multi-leg music tours, with room for all the crew and musicians to arrive ready to make the next show the best yet.

Boeing 767-300ER in a VIP configuration with 96 all-leather lie-flat seats
Boeing 767-300ER in a VIP configuration with 96 all-leather lie-flat seats
Lie flat seats on the VIP Boeing 767-300ER
Lie flat seats on the VIP Boeing 767-300ER
VIP Boeing 767-300 Graphic
VIP Boeing 767-300 Graphic

Why Choose ACS?

We have an international network of offices spanning 6 continents. This means we have dedicated account managers available 24/7 to help you in your local language.

We can offer access to a range of aircraft to suit the needs of all customers in order to meet even the most complex of travel needs.

Contact us if you have any group charter requirements or would like to charter our VIP Boeing 767-300.



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