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New York’s top pet-friendly venues

Air Charter Service looks into the top pet-friendly venues in New York. Wine and dine in style with your furry friend next to you.

While pets have traditionally only been welcome in pubs or bars, it’s becoming increasingly popular for more upmarket restaurants and hotels to open up spaces for your furry friend. From hotel rooms to outdoor restaurant terraces, you can take your pet with you to a variety of chic venues in New York. Whether you’re looking for accommodation, or a sunny outdoor spot to enjoy lunch, these venues will make your pet feel right at home.

The Quin Hotel

101 West 57th Street at Sixth Avenue, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Quin Hotel
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Quin Hotel

The Quin can be found in Midtown Manhattan, an area renowned for its art and music scene. Situated near the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and The Museum of Modern Art, it’s perfect for arts and theatre lovers. The Quin emphasizes its artistic heritage in its 208 guestrooms and 28 suites. Guests can enjoy features such as a fitness center, drawing room and spa.

The hotel accepts dogs up to 20 lbs and each dog can enjoy a special Duxiana dog bed provided in-room.

Roxy Hotel

2 Avenue of the Americas, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Roxy
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Roxy

Known for attracting film and music industry moguls, the Roxy Hotel has recently unveiled 201 new guest rooms and a range of new venue concepts. These include Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, Blackstones, and The Roxy Hotel Cinema. Pet-friendly accommodation is available on designated floors, at no additional charge. Pets can even enjoy the live music offerings in the lounge with their owners.

The Roxy Hotel offers pets a variety of luxuries, including delicious treats, bedding, food, water bowls, and bags for walks. Be sure to contact the hotel before your arrival, and your pet will be looked after just as well as you are.

The Benjamin

125 E 50th Street, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - The Benjamin
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - The Benjamin

This classic 1972 building, designed by Emery Roth, provides a warm and intimate environment for guests. The Benjamin focuses on comfort ensures maximum relaxation with features such as a sleep concierge, who can arrange bed-time snacks and a white-noise machine to help you sleep peacefully. Facilities include a spa, hair salon, a gym, a bistro, bar, and dining room headed by the acclaimed chef, Geoffrey Zakarian. The hotel allows up to two pets per guest.

The hotel provides guests their goodDOG programme, which welcomes your pet to the hotel with a variety of luxury products. For $60, your pet will receive vet-approved treats, toys and hygiene products, a water bowl, bed, plastic bags for walks, and an in-room mini bar filled with more treats. The hotel was declared one of the top three pet-friendly hotels by readers of

Soho Grand

310 West Broadway, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Soho
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Soho

The Soho Grand is a luxury downtown boutique hotel located in the heart of SoHo features three pet-friendly floors, with each room kitted out with food bowls, food, and beds. The owners, the Stern family, are long-time animal lovers who actually built their name with a pet-store franchise. With two Great Dane statues situated at the stylish entrance, you and your pet are set to feel right at home.

Pets are offered special treatment at this establishment. There is no size restriction placed on your pet, no extra charge for their accommodation and a wealth of specialist services available such as dog walking facilities, a pet-specific menu and grooming options. The hotel even provides a complimentary goldfish if you feel your pet might get lonely.

The Algonquin Hotel

59 West 44th Street, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Algonquin
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Algonquin

Located in the Heart of Midtown Manhattan, The Algonquin Hotel has been in operation since 1902 and is incredibly close to the heart of Times Square and Fifth Avenue. The area boasts literary and theatrical history making it a true find for individuals with a passion for the Arts. Guests have included the likes of Maya Angelou and William Faulkner. Guest rooms feature a separate living area with a sofa, high-thread count linen and down comforters, while the hotel includes a fitness and business center available 24/7. The hotel has always kept a cat, naming it Hamlet if it’s a boy and Matilda if it’s a girl.

“As a pet-friendly property, we do not charge a pet fee and do not have any restrictions for animal size. We have a range of amenities for our four legged guests, from complimentary bottled water for their bowls, and prepackaged litter trays for those traveling with cats. We are happy to walk any pet on behalf of the owner.”


Midtown 11 West, 31st Street, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Ayza
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Ayza

This contemporary wine and chocolate bar in Midtown Manhattan, offers fine food and wine in a warm and relaxing space. Choose from a selection of more than 90 wines and champagnes, while sitting with your pet on the outdoor patio. Water is provided for dogs, and a cover and heating is provided during the winter months.


77 Washington Street, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Barbuto
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Barbuto

Barbuto was founded by renowned chef and author, Jonathan Waxman, this casual yet sophisticated restaurant was once a garage. The large, open and light space provides for plenty of seating and, coupled with simple décor, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Outdoor, sidewalk tables are open to people and their dogs, so you can dine on fine Italian cuisine while sitting with your furry friend.

The Park

118 10th Avenue, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - The Park
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - The Park

This chic Chelsea hot-spot boasts five different spaces available to patrons. The Atrium is glass-enclosed, offering a warm and sun-filled setting, the Main Room is a large open-plan indoor space with a cocktail bar, while the Garden offers a spacious outdoor area filled with Maple trees and vines. Additionally there is the Red Room, an indoor, Asian styled space offering a warm and luxurious atmosphere, and finally, the Penthouse is a rooftop patio open all year round, and it’s perfect for catching the sunset. The glass-enclosed Atrium allows you to dine in style with your furry friend.


126 E 7th Street, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Giano
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - Giano

This rustic, Italian restaurant offers a sleek and modern look with its curved resin bar and exposed brick walls. The menu offers both traditional and modern Italian cuisine, from Lasagna alla Bolognese, to balsamic glazed filet mignon. The backyard is open to dogs, so take your pooch along while you enjoy a sophisticated Italian summer meal outdoors.

The Cookshop

156 10th Avenue at 20th Street, NY

New York’s top pet-friendly venues - The Cookshop
New York’s top pet-friendly venues - The Cookshop

The Cookshop is another Chelsea hotspot, this restaurant prides itself on supporting local farmers, by using locally sourced sustainable ingredients and meat. The American-style cuisine focuses on seasonal availability, respecting the earth’s offerings at different times of the year. A modern and simply decorated venue enhances the inviting atmosphere. The outdoor seating area is available to people who’d like to bring their dogs with them for a delicious lunch.



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