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Crane and mine at dusk

Overcoming a logistical mine-field

When a mine in Papua New Guinea had an emergency shut down, the only place with the necessary spare parts was a British manufacturer. With the client losing $750,000 a day until the repairs were completed, ACS was tasked with finding a way to transport two pipes weighing a combined 1.7 tonnes from Birmingham to Port Moresby as quickly as possible.


Despite the call coming in on a Saturday morning, we used our strong relationships with operators to secure out-of-hours quotes. This, together with our broker’s in-depth knowledge of aircraft, airports and cargo restrictions, meant we were able to present the client with five possible solutions that same day. They opted to charter a Boeing B757-200PF from Birmingham to Port Moresby with stops in Russia and Vietnam. This was not the cheapest option, but offered the shortest transit time with just two technical stops and with the ability to swap crew en route it was the best solution for the client over the cheaper solutions that had longer transit times.

Throughout the process, ACS’s unrivalled expertise allowed us to go the extra mile for our client – from using our contacts at the Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Authority to obtain permits swiftly, to sending a representative from our London office to Birmingham to oversee the loading and at the last minute had to measure the pipes for their final transit in a smaller aircraft to the remote island where the mine is located.


ROUTE: Birmingham > Novosibirsk > Ho Chi Minh City > Port Moresby

AIRCRAFT: Boeing B757-200PF.

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