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Owning vs Renting A Jet Large

Owning vs Renting A Jet

Hillary Clinton recently showed that there's no better way for busy bees to travel than with a private jet. The former first lady of the United States’ hopped from her husband's birthday celebration on an island in Massachusetts to a fundraising event in Nantucket the next morning in her own luxury private jet.

A private jet allows you to travel at the utmost convenience to any destination, at any time. Taking these benefits into account, many jetsetters wonder if they would be better off with private jet charter or buying their own plane. While it is said that this decision depends on how often one travels, this really is a personal preference.

The first thing that needs to be considered when looking to own a jet is cost of buying and maintaining the aircraft. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association estimates the operating costs of private jets between £2,274.73 and £5,307.71 per hour. A Bombardier Challenger, for example, would cost about £2,390.06 per hour to operate, while it would require roughly £5,819.495 to keep a Boeing BBJ 2 going. Expenses would include fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, cabin supplies, landing and parking fees.

Owning a private jet gives you complete control over your flying itinerary. You can arrange trips for you, your family and staff impulsively, without any concerns regarding seat bookings, reservations or availability.

Your own set of wings gives you the freedom to customise the jet to your taste. Everything from the décor and equipment, to the crew, is in your hands and you have the final say of who gets to fly on your plane. Apart from the exclusivity and superior comfort levels, owning a private jet comes with a sense of sentiment – and we're not just talking about naming it after your daughter. When you've invested that much effort and money into your personal aircraft, you won't be able to help jetting off with a sense of pride.

The cost of private jet hire depends on the travel distance and the size of the aircraft required. The bigger the travel party and the further your final destination, the more you’ll need to prepare to splurge. If neither renting or owning a jet appeals to you, private jet cards much like the Lindbergh private jet card which ACS offers, might be an option worth exploring. At a starting price of £50,000, these cards are certainly thought of as providing value for money. “From London, fifty thousand pounds would be enough to get you multiple short hops on helicopters, five return trips to Paris or a one-way trip to New York”.

If you already embark on frequent trips via private jet, then you're probably a more suitable candidate for private jet hire. This option is also a good fit for you if your travel schedule and number of passengers often vary. The air charter company will be able to provide the best aircraft suited for each journey.

With renting a private jet, you have no responsibilities apart from committing to your end of the hiring agreement. The charter company is fully responsible for maintaining, cleaning and sheltering of the aircraft, therefore the customer will enjoy a stress free flight from start to finish. The charter company has a huge fleet of aircraft available, which not only means you're spoilt with choice, but that there will be another plane ready if issues arise with your initial rental. Chartering can also be useful for those looking to buy their own private jet, as they will be able to develop a good understanding of how private aviation works.

Whether you're looking for a long-term investment or an interim solution to your business or leisure trip, you can rely on the expertise and support of ACS' private jet hire and jet sales division for your aircraft needs.


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