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Private air travel in the Pilatus PC-24

Hiring a private plane is one of the most luxurious ways to travel. The Pilatus PC-24 is perfect if you need to get to a smaller airfield fast.

There are a number of things to consider before hiring a private plane. Firstly and most importantly is deciding on the aircraft type. Are you traveling alone or with a big team? Do you need access to smaller airports? What distance are you covering?

To reach a remote location with a smaller airfield fast, the Swiss-built Pilatus PC-24 is the perfect choice. The PC-24 is built with unmatched performance attributes worthy of any watchmaker, making it as versatile as a turboprop, as spacious as a medium-light jet and capable of delivering the performance of a light jet. In short – the PC-24 is unlike any other aircraft in the world.

The Pilatus PC-24 can access over 21,000 airports

Slightly larger than its predecessor, the Pilatus PC-12, the PC-24 business jet has an advanced wing design that enables it to operate from short and rough airstrips. This outstanding performance – even on unpaved runways and grass strips – lends it an incredible level of mobility. In fact, with a takeoff distance of just 2,690 ft (820 m) and a landing distance of only 2,526 ft (770 m), this nimble jet can operate at over 21,000 airports – more than twice the number of tarmac airports that similar-sized jets can access. This extraordinary performance is achieved by a large double-slopped flap system, which allows for a stall speed of only 81 knots at the maximum landing weight.

Having access to smaller airstrips means you’ll be able to land closer to your final destination and avoid lengthy administrative procedures and transfer times at large airports. And with a maximum cruise speed of 440 KTAS (506 mph), reaching your destination will be a breeze.

Luxurious, versatile interior

Luxury interior with wooden tables in the modern private business jet
Luxury interior with wooden tables in the modern private business jet

Private air travel has never been more versatile and convenient than with the PC-24. Boasting a cabin volume that tops business jets costing almost twice as much, the PC-24 cabin can be configured in several ways to suit your travel arrangements – whether you need to conduct a presentation or business meeting on board or want to enjoy a comfortable journey with your family. A movable aft partition allows travelers to choose between an enlarged passenger cabin or increased baggage compartment volume, so finding space for those golf bags won’t be a problem.

An innovative interior design allows for four different configurations:

  • A six-seat executive configuration (including a sizable baggage area)
  • A combi version using four executive seats
  • A fully expanded cargo area
  • An open version

When it comes to sheer luxury, the PC-24 leads again. The contemporary bespoke interior, furnished with only the finest-quality materials, offers first class accommodation for passengers and crew. Exquisite details such as soft leathers and rare hardwood cabinetry raise the bar on elegance, while the continuous flat floor and exceptional amount of headroom maximize passenger comfort.

Key features and specifications:

Maximum passengers: 11 + 1 pilot

Takeoff distance: 2,690 ft

Maximum cruise speed: 440 KTAS

Maximum range: 2,035 nm

Lavatory: Fully enclosed, externally serviceable

Maximum altitude: 45,000 ft

Stall speed: 81 knots

Lower noise, higher efficiency

Closeup high detailed view of engine and airscrew of modern turboprop airplane
Closeup high detailed view of engine and airscrew of modern turboprop airplane

Powered by twin FJ44-4A turbofan engines, the PC-24 boasts several features that make it quieter and more efficient. Williams’ innovative Quiet Power Mode™ allows the aircraft to provide quiet, economical energy to power heating and air-conditioning systems – independent of any source of ground power. This means the PC-24 can offer more operational flexibility and higher fuel efficiency. 

When it comes to private air travel. there are plenty of reasons to opt for the Pilatus PC-24. Not only do you have access to more airports, allowing for a quicker voyage, but the versatile cabin, luxurious features and generous baggage compartment space ensure an unmatched travel experience.

Contact our team to book your next private air charter in the Pilatus PC-24 for a luxurious and peaceful journey.



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