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Private jet charter from Delaware to Arizona

The Arizona experience extends far beyond its fascinating desert. Charter a private jet from Delaware to this incredible state and discover Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Fort Apache and much, much more.

Top private jet airports in Delaware

  • Delaware Airpark, serving the Dover area, sits one mile west of the central business district (CBD) of Cheswold in Kent County. It’s home to 45 based aircraft and Delaware State University's flight training program, and serves both corporate and recreational flyers year-round. The airport is especially busy during the summer months, when Delaware State conducts NASA and Air Force ROTC pilot training.
  • Delaware Coastal Airport is a public-use airport in Sussex County, located two miles southeast of Georgetown CBD.
  • Summit Airport is situated five miles north of Middletown CBD in New Castle County. It’s privately owned by Summit Aviation, Inc.
  • Wilmington Airport sits in unincorporated New Castle County, five miles south of Wilmington and about 30 miles from Philadelphia, and is owned by the Delaware River and Bay Authority.

Top private jet airports in Arizona

Sunrise at Toroweap in Grand Canyon National Park
Sunrise at Toroweap in Grand Canyon National Park
  • Ten miles west of Downtown Scottsdale, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport allows you to land just minutes from some of Arizona’s best hotels, dining venues, golf courses and places of interest.
  • Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, also known as Sussex County Airport, is five miles south of Flagstaff in Coconino County. Flagstaff is surrounded by mountains, desert and ponderosa pine forests. It’s also the gateway to the San Francisco Peaks and boasts Arizona’s highest mountain and the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort.
  • Glendale Municipal Airport is located seven miles west of Glendale CBD in Maricopa County. This airport claims to be the best-run and friendliest in the Valley of the Sun, offering travelers the amenities of a big city airport alongside smalltown service.
  • Scottsdale Airport is nine miles north of Downtown Scottsdale in Maricopa County. Located east of state capital Phoenix, desert city Scottsdale is known for its spa resorts and golf courses.

How long does it take to fly from Delaware to Arizona?

  • Flights to Arizona take just under five hours from Delaware Airpark to Phoenix Sky Harbor International in a Gulfstream G550, which combines incredible speed and range with excellent interior features. The cabin allows for up to four distinct areas with numerous multimedia resources and can seat up to 16 passengers.
  • Flying from Delaware Coastal Airport to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport takes four hours and 48 minutes in the Piper PA-31, a family of cabin-class, twin-engined aircraft with more powerful engines, six cabin windows, a longer fuselage and bigger doors.
  • The Hawker Beechcraft Premier I IA can get you from Wilmington Airport to Scottsdale Airport in just under five hours. This aircraft accommodates six passengers and has a roomy cabin for a light jet; with folding tables, four club seats, two forward seats and a partitioned aft toilet.

Top events in Arizona

Phoenix’s cityscape at dusk, Arizona
Phoenix’s cityscape at dusk, Arizona

Fireflies in Phoenix

If possible, try to visit the Phoenix Art Museum’s You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies exhibit during your Arizona vacation. The 25-foot square installation features mirror-lined walls, black granite polished flooring, a black plexiglass ceiling and 250 dangling LED lights, programed with alternating color. Visitors experience an altered sense of self, time and space. Working from a hospital that treats mental illness, artist Yayoi Kusama has begun to gain international recognition for the first time since her notoriety of the sixties. In 2008 she sold a work for $5.1 million – the highest price paid for a piece by a living female artist.

Lava in Flagstaff

The Coconino Lava River Cave bubbled with lava eons ago and is an interesting example of the weird and wonderful shapes created from solid rock by fiery lava. A near-perfect circular cave-like passage formed millennia ago as the outside of a giant lava flow hardened, but a still-liquid center traveled through it like an underground river. Popular with spelunkers because of its smooth arch and lack of stalactites and stalagmites, the huge cave is close to the ground surface with holes punching through the ceiling here and there. This makes for dangerous footing overhead, but exquisite pillars of light inside the cave.

Apache Junction superstition

Stop off for some fun at the Superstition Mountain Museum at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. This quirky museum claims to hold secrets of the Lost Dutchman's Golden Mine, a legendary gold mine that was supposedly discovered but kept secret by German immigrant Jacob Waltz in the 19th-century; and you can view the Peralta Stones – engraved local sandstone blocks – which some believe are important in the search for the mine. The site also hosts its fair share of Elvis-inspired weddings in the Elvis Chapel; while the Audie Murphy Apacheland Barn boasts a collection of horse-drawn buggies and carts which have been used in 17 television series, 29 full-length movies and hundreds of commercials.

The wild horses of Salt River

Catching sight of these free-roaming wild horses along the banks of the Salt River in Tonto National Forest is a truly magical experience. The horses are the descendants of those re-introduced to North America by the Spanish during their conquests of the New World. Even without glimpsing the horses, the river and its surrounds are worth a visit. You’re likely to spot blue heron, bald eagles and river otters on its banks.

Casa Grande Ruins

While their purpose still perplexes historians, it’s generally believed that the Casa Grande Ruins were once a residence or municipal hub. Some of the tallest ancient American ruins, they’re protected by a low, earthen wall and a number of agricultural canals. Believed to have been built by the ancient Sonoran People around 1350 CE, the four-story dirt pueblo has survived for centuries as a window into America’s prehistoric history.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Delaware to Arizona?

The cost of your flight from Delaware to Arizona comes down to your choice of route and aircraft. For a ballpark estimate, read our blog on how much it costs to hire a private plane. Or, for a more precise quote, call our offices on +1 516 432 5901 or speak to our team online to go through your options. After we’ve established the basics, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager to handle every aspect of your journey. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your flight.



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