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helicopter landing on a patch of green grass with trees in background

Private jet charter is booming

The private aviation sector has seen steady worldwide growth over the last few years, with predictions from professionals across the private charter industry that the growth will only continue. We look at how these trends affect you and which are important to look out for.

Well, this means great things for travelers looking to fly private, as an increase in the availability of aircraft and more operators entering the market means a more competitive environment and better opportunities and prices. You can’t prevent new companies from entering the market, but you can find ways to increase the value your customers are getting by bettering their experience. This also means there will be a shortage of professionally trained private pilots, so if you haven’t started already, now is probably the best time to learn to fly.

Private aircraft sales vs charter

Luxury private jet parked in front of a building on a sunny day
Luxury private jet parked in front of a building on a sunny day

Looking back at the rampant growth in aircraft sales and private jet charter of 2018, there is an interesting trend that has started to occur over the first few months of 2019. According to an article from AVBuyer, there are indications that the rate of sales of private aircraft has begun to decelerate somewhat, in line with the predicted slower growth rate in the national economies of a lot of the countries that play important roles in business aviation, such as the U.S.A, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Though the stagnation of the aircraft sales market might seem like a slight blow to the private aviation industry, what it also means is an increase in the number of available used aircraft for operators and brokers, which in turn means more options and availability for customers who are looking to charter private flights. There has never been a better – or more affordable – time to fly private. The rise in popularity and the amount of charter flights that occur daily make it even more affordable, because you have even more opportunities to get a deal on empty-leg flights.

Learn to fly

Man showing pilot student aircraft navigation system while training
Man showing pilot student aircraft navigation system while training

With the continual increase in travelers and operators, more and more aircraft are taking off all the time, so more and more pilots need to be in the cockpit. The rampant growth in the private aviation industry led Boeing to predict a worldwide demand of up to 100,000 new pilots, which means if you ever had an interest in piloting a private jet, now is the time to start your training. We can help get you started on your journey to becoming a private pilot, so here are eight points that the process involves:

Make sure you’re eligible

First off, make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the FAA. A private pilot applicant needs to be at least 17 years old and must be able to read, write and speak English.

Obtain a student pilot certificate

This is the beginning of the official process. Obtain your certificate either from an aviation medical examiner when you are there for an appointment, from an FAA Flight Standards District Office, or you can apply to an FAA examiner directly.

Pass a third-class aviation medical exam

You will need to obtain a medical aviation certificate before you can fly an airplane solo. Solo flight can happen quicker than you think, so getting this medical exam out of the way as soon as possible can be very beneficial.

Take the FAA written exam

Most flight schools and instructors will require that you complete the FAA written exam before allowing you to begin training in a flight simulator or plane of any kind. Taking the test early on is a good idea, as having some basic background knowledge can help you with the rest of your studies, as well as get you into the pilot seat that much quicker.

Find an instructor

If you don’t already have a flight school or instructor in mind, check with your local airport as there is likely to be a flight school or fixed-base operation with eager instructors waiting to get you into the air.

Start flying

You will need to get some flight experience before going any further, which is the exciting part. You will begin by learning some basic manoeuvres such as landing and taking off. A student needs at least 10 hours worth of experience before they can pilot a plane solo.

Take the FAA practical exam

You must have gathered some experience before you can do the check ride. Your instructor will be able to inform you of what exactly is needed to take the practical exam. Some of the experience necessary includes at least three hours of night-flying and 40 hours overall flying experience.

Get your license

After you have successfully passed your practical exam, your examiner will assist you with the online paperwork and then issue you a temporary private pilot certificate, while you wait for the official FAA certificate to arrive in the mail.

The new millennial traveler

Two businessmen and a businesswoman walk disembark a private jet
Two businessmen and a businesswoman walk disembark a private jet

One of the major factors influencing how private aviation is growing and changing is the new and different age groups that are chartering private flights. Users of private aircraft are getting younger, and the industry needs to change in order to cater to them. The assumption is that most private jet users are aged 50+, but that is not the case anymore, according to an article from As millennials continue to enter the workforce, they will become more frequent and regular users of private jet charter services – demanding more options for customization and personalization of the service they receive.

With this new discerning generation of customers entering the market for private jet charter, coupled with the increase in operators offering their services, and along with the increase in availability of used aircraft, we can expect to see even more growth and change in the private jet charter industry for years to come.

If you would like to experience the booming industry of private aircraft charter first-hand, then contact our offices and we will get started on booking your charter flight today.



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