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Private Jet Charter to the NBA Games 2017

Organize a private jet charter to the NBA games to watch America’s top basketball teams battle it out in the 2017 NBA playoffs and finals.

Private Jet Hire to the NBA Finals

If you’re a basketball fan, travelling by private jet charter to games would be the perfect way to kick off your travels and allow you to arrive at this year’s NBA playoffs and finals in style. Chartering a private jet can be a particularly cost-effective and convenient solution if you’re flying to the event with a group. We have a range of jets to suit all needs, from light aircraft such as a Cessna or Hawker for up to eight passengers to heavy jets like the Bombardier and Embraer for parties of 16 or more.

Enjoy the convenience of flying privately with seamless check-ins and fast boarding, plenty of luggage space, and exclusive in-flight amenities. These include personal flight attendants, entertainment centers, and offices as well as separate cabin zones for dining, sleeping, and relaxing. For extra luxury, a VIP jet like the Airbus A318 Elite is ideal with a lounge, bathroom, dining area, office, and a bedroom. Let our team provide you with a private jet quote to the 2017 NBA playoffs and finals.

Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop

How does the NBA League Work?

In 1946, the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged to form the NBA. Today, the NBA league features 30 teams in North America comprised of the best players in the world. Teams are split geographically into Eastern and Western Conferences and play in an 82-match league that begins in October. The eight teams from each conference with the most wins go through to the famous NBA playoffs in April.

During the three playoff rounds teams face each other in a best-of-seven elimination series, played in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. The top seeded team gets the home court advantage and the first two matches are played at their stadium, followed by the second two at the opposing team’s arena. If neither team wins all four of those games, a further three are played in alternate stadiums until a team reaches four wins. The NBA finals in June feature the winning team from the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

NBA playoffs
NBA playoffs

2017 Schedule for the NBA Playoffs and Finals

Here’s a look at April’s first round schedule for the 2017 NBA playoffs, you can find the full schedule here. These are the Eastern Conference fixtures:

1) Boston Celtics versus Chicago Bulls.
2) Cleveland Cavaliers versus Indiana Pacers.
3) Toronto Raptors versus Milwaukee Bucks.
4) Washington Wizards versus Atlanta Hawks.

The Western Conference first round fixtures are as follows:

1) Golden State Warriors versus Portland Trail Blazers.
2) San Antonio Spurs versus Memphis Grizzlies.
3) Houston Rockets versus Oklahoma City Thunder.
4) Los Angeles Clippers versus Utah Jazz.

Historical picture of NBA
Historical picture of NBA

The 2017 NBA favorites are the reigning champions Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warriors. The two teams have faced each other in the finals two years running, with the Warriors triumphing in 2015 and the Cavaliers winning by four games to three in the 2016 final. If they meet again this year, it’ll be the first time in league history that two teams have clashed in three straight finals. In that case, the 2017 finals will be played in California and Ohio at these arenas:

  • The Oracle Arena in Oakland California, which is located less than five miles from the Metropolitan Oakland International Airport.
  • The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio, which is just over a mile from Burke Lakefront Airport.

How to get Tickets to the 2017 NBA Games

Official tickets to the 2017 NBA playoffs and finals are on sale here. Tickets to the first round of games generally cost between $70 to upwards of $950 depending on seat designation. A seat for the Golden State Warriors versus Portland Trail Blazers at the Oracle Arena on April 30th can cost from $100 to over $1,000.

Once you’ve bought tickets to the 2017 NBA finals, rent the aircraft of your choice to whisk you straight to the games in style. We can charter a private jet from anywhere in the country, simply contact us to arrange a quote.



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