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RuSky Group at MAKS Air Show 2017

Discover RuSky Group’s insight into the future of private aviation in this exclusive interview with Deputy General Director Igor Murashov.

Interview with Igor Murashov

What are you presenting at MAKS Air Show 2017?
RuSky Group has a wide range of products on display at MAKS Air Show 2017. We are the primary suppliers of foreign avionic equipment for western aircraft in Russia, providing instruments and other aircraft products, and we’ve participated in every show. Our customers are airlines, maintenance organizations and manufacturers. Today we’re presenting two main companies at our stand: KLX Aerospace Solutions and Perrone Aerospace."

“KLX Aerospace is the main brand we work with; it’s a large European manufacturer formerly known as Inter Turbine which makes products like bolts, screws and oils. Perrone, which primarily manufactures leather and cleaning products, represents another aspect of what we provide.”

A bright glass display for RuSky Group’s products on the show-floor of the Russian Air Show
A bright glass display for RuSky Group’s products on the show-floor of the Russian Air Show

Does RuSky do much work with the private aviation industry?
“We’re very aware of the rising market for private aviation and RuSky Group is a key business within this sector. We cover 99% of the Russian market and work with clients from all over the Commonwealth of Independent States. We think private aviation is a sector with great potential for growth and we look forward to further developing our company’s involvement.”

What has your personal experience of private jet charter been like?
“RuSky works with Russian air charter companies to maintain their jets for transporting VIP passengers. Charter services have saved both our business and our clients a great deal of time, and are invaluable to our operations.”

What makes MAKS Air Show important for the global aviation industry?
“MAKS is the largest Russian air show with a global attendance and it’s important not only for Russian aviation, but to businesses across the world. It contributes to the development of the industry and helps Russia maintain its reputation as an international leader in avionic innovation.

“MAKS is easily comparable to the international exhibitions in France or Britain, with just as broad an attendance. This year we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to discuss future plans face-to-face with so many companies from around the world, and we’re already looking forward to attending MAKS 2019.”

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