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Safran Group at MAKS Air Show 2017

Learn about the future of flight from aviation expert Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk, of Safran Aircraft Engines, in an exclusive interview by Air Charter Service.

Interview with Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk

Why is MAKS important for the global aviation industry?
MAKS Air Show’s primary value is its visitors: several dozen countries from around the world present their latest developments here. The event is also continuing to grow; exhibitors from both Iran and Turkey participated for the first time this year."
“The show reminded us of Russia’s contribution to the success of the international aviation industry. This is in Safran's best interest; our company has two joint international enterprises already with VolgAero (a joint venture of the Safran Aircraft Engines and ‘UEC-Saturn’) and Smartec (the design engineering bureau, created in 2002 with the participation of Safran Aircraft Engines and ‘UEC-Saturn’).”

What interesting news have you announced at this year’s MAKS?
“This year we were delighted to have Russian President Vladimir Putin visit our exhibition stand. On the first day of the MAKS Air Show, President Putin met Olivier Andries, the President of Safran Aircraft Engines, who demonstrated our products to him."
“We’ve introduced a lot of exciting new products here: the SaM146 turbojet from Powerjet, which powers the new Sukhoi SuperJet 100; products from Safran Electronics & Defense, including the APM2000, a digital autopilot for helicopters; and finally the helicopter engine Ardiden 3, which powers the updated civilian Ka-62 helicopter, as featured in the show ‘Helicopters of Russia’.”

The Ardiden 3 helicopter engine for the Ka-62 helicopter, on display at the Russian air show
The Ardiden 3 helicopter engine for the Ka-62 helicopter, on display at the Russian air show

What is the most interesting new product or exhibit that you have seen at the Russian air show so far?
“MAKS has continued to impress Safran over 13 consecutive shows. While we’ve had many memorable moments here this time around, I enjoyed the flight program most of all. It was interesting to watch both our own pilot groups and the UAE Fursan Al Emarat air force pilots, who performed for the very first time. Their spectacular performance, during which they painted the sky with coloured smoke, was loved by everyone.”

Are you familiar with the private aviation industry? Have you ever flown with Air Charter Service (ACS)? If so, how was your experience?
“Safran has used ACS many times. The experience was great; a short and pleasant flight thanks to the comfortable, fast selection of jets they offer.”

How do you see the future of growth for private aviation?
“The private aviation industry has been gaining momentum very fast; it's difficult to ignore the upsurge of private aircraft being chartered or bought. I think the sector will continue to grow rapidly.”

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