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The Cheapest Private Jet Charter Trips

If you’re looking for the cheapest private jet charter trips, then find out how to choose the most cost-efficient aircraft and get the biggest discounts using empty leg flights.

Cheapest Types of Private Jets

Choosing a light jet suitable for up to eight passengers is often the cheapest private charter option. Light jets are perfect for short journeys of around three hours and because of their size, they’re incredibly cost-efficient. These jets have a comfortable interior design with reclining seats, bathroom, and space to work and relax. Some light jets also have executive facilities like multimedia resources so you can work on board. Here are some of the most popular light jet options:

Selecting one of these light jets for a short, frequently-used route can be the cheapest way to travel by private jet. A one-hour flight from Teterboro Airport in New York to Boston Logan International, for example, costs from $9,200 in a light jet compared to upwards of $32,600 in a heavy jet. Flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco takes just one hour 15 minutes and costs from $6,600 in a light jet, as opposed to $17,500 in a heavy jet. Get a quote instantly by using our private jet prices guide. All you need to do is complete the form with your flight information and all options available as per your specifications, will be presented to you.

Cessna private jet flying over sand dunes
Cessna private jet flying over sand dunes
Dinner served on board a private aircraft
Dinner served on board a private aircraft

Empty Leg Private Flights

To find the cheapest private jet charters, look out for empty leg flights, also known as empty sector flights. So, what exactly does that mean? When a client books a one-way charter, the jet either has to make the return journey afterwards or reposition to pick up passengers from another airport. To avoid the negative cost of flying an empty aircraft, these journeys are often heavily discounted by up to 75 percent.

Empty leg flights are particularly common during the summer when people fly to their vacation homes for the season, but there are plenty of deals on offer all year round. Short-haul journeys tend to be available more often at the last minute, while long-haul routes may be offered months in advance.

You can find a full list of our empty leg private jet charters here. This page is regularly updated with great flight deals for both domestic and international charters. Here are some of the current empty leg flights available:

  • Fly from Denver to Nashville in a Bombardier Learjet 55 at an empty leg price of $9,675. Normally, this journey would cost around $17,900.
  • Fly from Colorado to Teterboro in a Gulfstream IV for an empty leg cost of $27,000. The regular price for this charter is from $44,700.
  • Fly from Beverly to Louisville in a Hawker Beechcraft at an empty leg price of $6,995. This charter would usually cost from $13,800.
  • Fly from Pittsburgh to Treasure Cay, the Bahamas in a Hawker Beechcraft 400 at an empty leg cost of $8,250. This would normally cost around $13,900.
  • Fly from London, England, to Washington D.C. in a Gulfstream IV for an empty leg cost of $61,975. This flight usually costs from $105,700.

Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Traveling by private jet offers the ultimate in convenience, luxury, and privacy. When you book a private charter there’s no need to arrive at the airport hours before you fly or queue to board and check-in your luggage, the whole process is quick and easy. There are over 5,000 airports in the U.S. that accept private jet traffic, so you can often fly straight to your destination without the need for layovers or long transfers.

Enjoy exclusive benefits such as extra luggage space to safely transport everything from suitcases to sports gear, product samples, and musical instruments. Private aircraft often have personal flight attendants as well as amenities like entertainment centers, dining facilities, and multimedia resources. Depending on the jet, you could have access to full bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, office space, and conference rooms.



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