All over the world, traveling by private jet is growing increasingly popular, here’s a look at the latest private jet trends, from the top planes to the busiest flight routes.

The Latest Trends in Private Jet Activity

All over the world, traveling by private jet is growing increasingly popular, here’s a look at the latest private jet trends, from the top planes to the busiest flight routes.

Private Jet Ownership Around the World

The USA has the biggest market for private jets in the world. According to the Wealth Report, the country has 12,717 private planes, the largest fleet of any nation. In fact, the USA has more jets than the rest of the countries in the top ten ownership list combined:

  1. USA – 12,717
  2. Mexico – 950
  3. Brazil – 786
  4. Canada – 534
  5. Germany – 435
  6. UK – 345
  7. Venezuela – 340
  8. China – 277
  9. France – 227
  10. Australia – 193
Global Review of private jet traffic
Global Review of private jet traffic

Private Jet Traffic Around the World

Most private charter flights also take place in the USA, which claims 75 percent of the 1,000 busiest flight routes in the world. Here’s a look at the top five country-to-country routes for private air traffic in 2016:

  • US – US: 1,601,395 flights, representing a five-year growth of 13 percent.

  • Mexico – US: 26,750 flights, a 37 percent growth.

  • UK – UK: 21,897 flights, a two percent growth.

  • Bahamas – US: 20,507 flights, a 14 percent growth.

  • France – Russia: 4,879 flights, a 23 percent reduction.

Private Air Traffic in the USA

Top US Private Jet Routes
Top US Private Jet Routes

Private jet charter is extremely popular for business and leisure travel in America and traffic peaks during popular events such as the Super Bowl. There are over 4,000 airports for private planes across the country and the most frequented is Teterboro Airport in New York. These are the top private aviation routes in the world according to the Wealth Report, which are all located in the USA:

  • Los Angeles Van Nuys to Las Vegas McCarran – 2,202 flights in 2016. Private jet prices for this one-hour journey can cost from $12,700.
  • Teterboro Airport New York to Washington Dulles – 2,175 flights. Chartering a light jet for this trip would start at $18,000 and take one hour 15 minutes.
  • Miami Palm Beach to Teterboro Airport New York – 1,810 flights. This journey takes around two and a half hours and costs from $26,200 in a light jet.

Private Aviation Traffic in Europe

There are over 2,000 airports for private planes in Europe and the busiest is Paris le Bourget. Although business flights are common, traffic tends to peak in the summer vacation months, especially around events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix. Here are the top European journeys, which are also in the list of the most popular routes in the world:

  • Geneva Airport to Paris le Bourget – 1,640 flights in 2016. This journey would take one hour 10 minutes and cost from $15,300 in a light jet.
  • Nice Côte D’Azur to Paris le Bourget – 1,010 flights. Chartering a light jet for this trip would cost from $16,900 and take around an hour and a half.
  • Nice Côte D’Azur to Moscow Vnukovo – 885 flights. This charter would cost from $45,900 and take three and a half hours.
  • London Luton to Paris le Bourget – 745 flights. Chartering a light jet would start at $16,200 and take just over an hour.
  • Istanbul Atatürk to London Luton – 51 flights. It would cost from $41,800 to charter a private jet for this journey, which takes three hours 45 minutes

Trends Around the World

Private jet numbers are rising fast in Asia, which has seen a 96 percent rise in ownership over the last 10 years. Hong Kong has had a 535 percent increase in its fleet size, while Taiwan, Macau, and China’s fleets have all tripled. China has now reached eighth position on the overall ownership list.

By contrast, jet ownership is slowing in Latin America, especially in oil-dependent countries such as Venezuela. Even so, four out of 10 people surveyed for the Wealth Report in Latin America say they still opt for private charters, perhaps because of kidnapping concerns.

A drop in oil prices has also affected the overall wealth of the Middle East, but the region’s private aviation industry continues to expand. Qatar’s fleet has risen by 380 percent and the UAE has seen business jet numbers increase from 2,165 in 2015 to 2,568 in 2016. Al Maktoum International Airport in the UAE, which has a dedicated VIP terminal, is expected to attract 20,000 passengers this year.

Most Popular Types of Planes

Most popular aircraft and private jets
Most popular aircraft and private jets

So what type of planes are people flying in? Some of the most popular jets used for private aviation include the following models, says the Robb Report:

  • The Embraer Phenom 300 – a Brazilian light jet which can carry eight to nine passengers and has a range of 2,270 miles, large windows, and extra luggage capacity.
  • Cessna Citation XLS+ – midsize light jet with a range of 2,417 miles, great fuel efficiency, and a spacious cabin for up to nine passengers.
  • Beechcraft King Air 350I – a popular turboprop jet ideal for business travel with a range of 2,082 miles and space for eight passengers.
  • Gulfstream G150 – a midsize jet which can seat up to eight people and has a 3,452 mile range with an oval-shaped cabin and good fuel economy.
  • Dassault Falcon 900LX – this large jet can cover long distances up to 5,466 miles, carry 12 people, and features separate living areas including an office.

Jets are usually customized to suit client specifications and can include bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and entertainment centers. Whatever type of jet you fancy flying in for your next business trip or vacation, let Air Charter Service arrange a private jet charter quote so you can travel to your destination in style and comfort.

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