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The most luxurious amenities on a private jet charter

Private jets range from compact but comfortable to fabulous celebrity aircraft that redefine luxury travel. We’ve assembled a list of the most luxurious amenities available on board a private jet charter.

Master Suites

Do you find yourself longing for your bedroom on a redeye flight? Not when you fly by private jet charter. Luxurious private jets like the Embraer Lineage 1000 can be outfitted with a master bedroom with queen-sized bed, as well as an ensuite bathroom with walk-in shower, large windows and full-sized sink. The aircraft’s five cabin zones can be outfitted in hundreds of configurations, but the bedroom is a popular choice. The cost of purchasing a new Embraer Lineage 1000e is approximately £41 million, or you can charter one in style with the experts at Air Charter Service.

Wellness Centres

When jetting around the world, it can be hard to fit in a workout. Thankfully, one of the newest trends in private jet travel is onboard fitness equipment. In 2015, a Gulfstream private jet flight held the first in-flight spin class through Peloton. Lightweight stationary bikes were installed and a live class was streamed from the Peloton spin studio in New York City. If spinning in the sky seems over-the-top, travel with your personal trainer or yoga instructor and ask them to design a personalised, aeroplane-friendly workout to keep your fitness on track while travelling.

In-Flight Spas

After your workout, reward your weary muscles with an in-flight massage. Some celebrity private jets feature extravagant hammams, such as the Airbus A380 ordered by the billionaire Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal-al Saud. If your chosen aircraft doesn’t have its own onboard spa, we can instead arrange an in-flight massage or manicure – a massage therapist or nail technician can join any charter flight as long as there's space to manoeuvre.

A luxurious bedroom on board a private jet
A luxurious bedroom on board a private jet

Kitchen & Personal Chef

There are no tin foil-topped airline meals in the realm of luxury travel. Instead, fly with a personal chef who can prepare whichever gourmet dishes your heart desires. Charter a Bombardier Global 7500 for access to the largest, best-equipped kitchen on the private aviation market. The full-size kitchen was designed in collaboration with cabin crews to accommodate as many meal options as possible, and is outfitted with dual ovens, a spacious sink, a refrigerator and an espresso machine to cap off a fine meal. Inside the cabin, you'll find a six-seat conference table that can be arranged as a dining table. What's the cost of all this extravagance? The cost of purchasing a new Bombardier Global 7500 is approximately £55 million, or you can charter one of these incredible planes through Air Charter Service.

A Full Staff

Of course, you'll need to have staff to top up your wine glass during dinner. Passengers travelling on larger private planes are required to have a flight attendant, but you can always request extra attendants for better service. Flight attendants are there to cater to your every desire and make your flight as comfortable as possible. And the best part? When you’re travelling by private jet hire, there’s no need to share your staff with the entire cabin.

Boardroom in the Sky

If you’re travelling on business, a private jet charter lets you bring the boardroom with you. The fully-equipped conference room on the Airbus A319 CJ is just like those on land, only the views are far more impressive. The VIP corporate configuration includes a spacious, light-filled conference room with Wi-Fi, large screens, satellite phones and all the latest technology. If you like the Airbus so much you decide to purchase one for yourself, the cost is approximately £69 million.

Entertainment Suite

An entertainment suite on board a private jet
An entertainment suite on board a private jet

For a fun-filled flight for the whole family, charter a private jet with an awesome entertainment suite. While most larger private jets come with a television screen, Gulfstream goes above and beyond. The Gulfstream G650 comes as standard with a widescreen television and divan, so the cabin feels just like the living room back home. For a little more action, set up surround-sound speakers hook up your gaming system to the television.

Air Charter Service can help you charter a private jet for a true taste of luxury travel. Contact us for information on private jet prices and amenity costs. If you're looking for a charter flight amenity not listed here, contact one of our specialists.



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