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The most outrageous celebrity requests on private jets

Celebrities are known to enjoy the finer things in life, and they’re no different in the air. Join us and explore some outrageous celebrity private jet requests.

A flight to... nowhere

For one famous couple, life on the ground was getting too hectic. So to escape the non-stop celebrity life of exclusive parties and frantic crowds, they chartered a private jet to, well, nowhere. According to a private jet charter booking app, for six hours one A-list couple indulged in expensive wine and relaxed with onboard spa treatments, all before satisfying their taste buds with a gourmet meal prepared by a private chef accompanied by the live vocals of an onboard opera singer - truly the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of Hollywood life. And, after six hours touring the clouds, the pair landed at the same airport they departed from, making this one of the most lavish celebrity dates ever.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers

Private jet interior with two vases of white flowers
Private jet interior with two vases of white flowers

Nothing compares to the sweet scent of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Perhaps it was for this reason that a mystery celebrity requested a cabin filled with white Casablanca lilies for the duration of their private jet charter. We could spends hours speculating which diva requested this, but with songstresses Mariah Carey and Katy Perry, and musician Paul McCartney just a few of the A-list’s known floraphiles, we may never find the celebrity culprit.

Food for thought

Food has a huge impact on our mood, which may explain why some of the most outrageous celebrity private jet charter requests are food orientated. A private jet company shared how a celebrity customer insisted on tucking into a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish burger during their flight. They also demanded the burger was delivered fresh, meaning it had to be procured as the plane was ready to take off.

Other outrageous food-related celebrity requests include one star who would only board the private jet once it was stocked with Cool Ranch Doritos and Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry. Another brought along a team of food tasters to ensure the chef-prepared private jet meal was perfect for their palette. And the most outrageous celebrity culinary request of all goes to the mystery star who wanted to light birthday cake candles during the flight. Open flames aren’t usually permitted on private jet charters, so this guest had to bring a firefighter on board her 50th birthday private jet charter to Florence to ensure she could enjoy a proper birthday celebration thousands of feet in the air.

First class fashion

Woman boarding private jet with shopping bags
Woman boarding private jet with shopping bags

Most celebrities take great pride in their appearance, as anyone who has read a fashion magazine or watched an awards ceremony knows. So it should come as no surprise that after a successful shopping spree, one celebrity faced a huge dilema: how were they going to get their haul of new outfits and latest fashion back to their home city? With a separate private jet charter, of course. Stocked with Birkin Bags, a private jet charter transporting fashion cargo makes our list as one of the most outrageous celebrity requests in history.

Relentlessly stalked by the paparazzi, celebrities must always look camera ready. This means that, in addition to luxury shopping sprees and even more exclusive delivery services, stars must plan their picture-perfect looks. And that is exactly what this secret celebrity does on their weekly cross-country flights. Along with their team of stylists, they utilize the flight time by trying on outfits, having fittings and alterations, and planning their everyday looks for the upcoming week. If this isn’t first class fashion, then we don’t know what is.

Other outrageous requests include...

With these outrageous stories, it seems impossible that there could be more, but there are. Here’s a selection of our final favourite outrageous celebrity private jet requests. First, one celebrity requested that no natural sunlight enter the plane, requiring complete darkness in order to board the aircraft and travel. Another requested that an expert dog trainer be on board the jet to train their precious pooch during the flight, while a third celebrity flew out the world's best poker players to join him on his private jet charter from Europe to Vegas in order to help him prepare for his two-day gambling trip in Vegas.

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