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The Priceless Flight

The Priceless Flight

A museum in Rabat wanted to borrow some priceless art by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso from another museum in Paris. No scheduled flights could carry such a load due to the size and weight of the shipment as it was made up of 11 wooden boxes, up to 2.38 metres high and weighing, in total, 3 tonnes that needed to travel directly from Paris, France to Rabat, Morocco quickly and safely.


The insurance for the flight was 150 million Euros, though the artwork itself is considered priceless, so we suggested an aircraft with a pressurised, temperature controlled cabin to ensure the art wasn’t damaged, and something which could take the tonnage and size of the shipment. However, this was out of the client’s budget, so we suggested an Antonov-12 instead, and recommended that the boxes were re-enforced and pilots were instructed to fly lower than the usual 30,000 feet in order to avoid damage to the artwork. The client was happy with our second suggestion, so we went ahead.

The packing list changed multiple times, but as the client’s dedicated charter expert was available 24/7, they were able to adapt quickly, updating the charter and those involved. To ensure the artwork was as well looked after as possible, we also had direct access granted so the truck could load the cargo directly on the tarmac, rather than having to drop it off at a warehouse first, to then be picked up by the airline. This meant the artwork spent very little time exposed to any negative conditions and arrived on time and in perfect condition.


Flight Representation: One of our most senior brokers was on hand 24/7 prior to the flight and also was on site for the loading.

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