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helicopter landing on a patch of green grass with trees in background

The World's Most Remote and Scenic Airports

A private jet can seamlessly whisk you away to the most remote and scenic airports in the world from faraway islands to the top of the Himalayas. Read on for a list of eight airports you should charter a private jet to reach.

Barra Airport (BRR), Scotland

The unique Barra Airport features on many aviation fanatics’ must-fly lists. This unusual airport offers more than just a glimpse of the coast – the entire landing strip is a beach! Barra Airport is one of only a handful of beach runways that serve international airlines and, remarkably, the runway is washed away by the Atlantic Ocean twice a day. Aside from sweeping views of the sea and mountains, Barra Airport offers access to Scotland’s rugged Barra island, home to beautiful white-sand beaches and charming villages.

Courchevel Altiport (CVF), France

A view of the runway and buildings at Courchevel Altiport in the French Alps
A view of the runway and buildings at Courchevel Altiport in the French Alps

Nestled in the French Alps, Courchevel Altiport is the highest airport in Europe. Surrounded by rugged mountains, this cinematic airport was used as a location in the 1997 James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. The area’s high-altitude terrain made building an airport a challenge and only certain aircraft are able to land on the very short, steep runway, however Air Charter Service can access a range of airplanes that are specially designed for challenging runways. As a passenger, the only thing you need to worry about is landing a perfect photo.

Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), Wyoming, USA

Another airport known for its beautiful mountain vistas is Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming. The alpine town’s chalet-inspired airport features exposed beams and natural woods, set against the dramatic backdrop of Grand Teton National Park – this is the only airport in the country located inside a national park. From the airport, guests can explore the area’s natural beauty with hiking in Yellowstone and skiing in the Teton Mountains.

Mataveri International Airport (IPC), Easter Island

Mataveri International Airport on Easter Island is often called the most remote airport in the world – the next closest airport is over 2,603 km away in Mangareva, French Polynesia. Its extreme location can only be accessed by commercial flights from a few international airports. Aviation buffs take note: the airport was deemed an emergency shuttle landing site for a mission by NASA in 1985. Easter Island is famous for its mysterious monolithic statues of massive stone heads.

Queenstown Airport (ZQN), New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its natural splendor and one of the best ways to admire its beauty is by air. “Flightseeing” is a popular pastime here, whereby passengers book a private jet or helicopter flight just to admire the scenery below. Book a private jet charter to Queenstown Airport, the jumping-off point for many flightseeing itineraries such as flights over the beautiful Milford Sound. Passengers can admire the snow-capped mountains, brilliant blue waters and rolling hills from the aircraft when they first land in New Zealand.

Princess Juliana Airport (SXM), St. Maarten – SXM

An airliner lands over beach-goers outside Sint Maarten Princess Juliana Airport
An airliner lands over beach-goers outside Sint Maarten Princess Juliana Airport

Princess Juliana Airport on the stunning island of St. Maarten easily ranks among the most extreme airports in the world. This Caribbean airport’s landing strip is set just behind a popular beach and descending planes often seem to be just feet above the heads of sunbathers. Passengers on private jet flights can peer out of the windows as they fly over aquamarine waters and crowds of photo-snapping tourists.

Paro Airport (PHB), Bhutan

Set in a valley surrounded by soaring peaks, the flight into Paro Airport is unforgettable. Paro boasts a towering altitude of 2,225 meters, yet the Himalayas climb high overhead. Due to the rugged mountain terrain, the airport has a short runway and only small aircraft can land and pilots need to receive a special certification.

Vágar Airport (FAE), Faroe Islands

Set in the Norwegian Sea between Norway, Iceland and the UK, Denmark’s Faroe Islands are famously remote. These 18 islands still feel untouched by tourism, in part because few international airlines fly there. A better way to reach the islands is by private jet charter. Once you’re there, enjoy the stunning landscapes and wild beaches. Thanks to their remote location, the Faroe Islands are among best places on earth to watch the fabled Northern Lights.

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