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Under the sea

Under the Sea

We were approached after a travel agent was asked to put together a diving trip to the remote Tubbataha reef in the Philippines, which was only accessible by a liveaboard (boat) that left each morning. Flying on a scheduled service from Miami to Manila took at least 26 hours, with the onward trip to Puerto Princesa adding up to another eight hours due to the waiting time for the next available flight. This would get the client there after the liveaboard had departed for the day, which added another 24 hours before the client could make it to the reef.


Whilst a private jet from Miami to Manila was out of budget, we suggested using one to replace the trip from Manila to Puerto Princesa, removing the six hours of layover time, as well as time spent navigating customs and arrivals. Our Miami team immediately contacted our Hong Kong office to find local availability of aircraft and with their help found three options for the travel agent to propose to their client. We also offered a meet and greet service from the commercial aircraft door to the private terminal where they could board their aircraft straight to Puerto Princesa, ensuring their travel was as efficient as possible. Finally, we arranged for the aircraft to position slightly earlier, in case of any changes to the scheduled flight and to ensure it was ready by the time they landed. The client saved over six hours of travel time, allowing them to get onboard the liveaboard 24 hours earlier and spend an extra day under the sea.


FLIGHT REPRESENTATION: We had an ACS representative meet and greet the client straight from the commercial aircraft door and escort them to their private aircraft.

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