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Visit Paris Fashion Week 2018 by private jet

Paris Fashion Week is a biannual event during which hundreds of fashion editors, stylists, models and celebrities descend on the French capital for a glimpse of next season’s hottest looks. The last of the “Big 4” fashion weeks following similar extravaganzas in New York, London and Milan, Paris’ haute couture is the fashion finale every fashionista dreams of.

Organised by the French Fashion Federation (FFF), Paris Fashion Week started in 1973 and is typically comprised of 100 shows, ranging from budding new designers to global fashion houses. Also known as Semaine des Createurs du Mode, this global fashion heavyweight is an easy private jet charter away.


Kicking off on 27 February, Paris Fashion Week’s autumn/winter shows run for nine consecutive days. Lasting all day and into the evening, attendees can expect to see the best of French fashion from the likes of Lanvin, Chloe, Balmain, Givenchy and British fashion icon Alexander McQueen. Louis Vuitton, one of Paris’ most famous designers, will be closing the shows until fashion luminaries return in September for the spring/summer collections.


Showrooms, catwalks and events litter Paris during the fashion fest. At present, the majority of Paris Fashion Week designers present their latest creations in Paris’ elegant underground shopping mall, Carrousel du Louvre, the Grand Palais or the Espace Eiffel. However, many of the locations for fashion events are only detailed on invites which are dished out nearer the time.


A fashionable young woman in front of the Eiffel tower
A fashionable young woman in front of the Eiffel tower

Paris Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious and exclusive fashion events in the world, meaning tickets aren't easy to come by – but they’re not impossible to get your hands on. While the majority of seats at shows are reserved for the fashion elite, you can still apply for accreditations from the French Fashion Federation or the designers themselves.

Additionally, hobnobbing near the location of a particular show might be enough to get you a seat, as some shows might open their doors when they are slightly shy of full capacity. Conversely, you can get front row access from the comfort of your Parisian chateau by watching all the action through the Fashion Week live streaming website.

Paris is just a luxurious private jet charter away with Air Charter Service. Whether you’re travelling with friends and family or visiting the French capital with colleagues for business, contact us on +1 516 432 5901 to arrange a stress-free and bespoke trip.

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